Chapter 11 – The Media and Cyperpolitics

A politically damaging or embarrassing video captured on a cell phone camera and uploaded to a sharing or social networking site is known as a
macaca moment

A 2004 survey found that _____ of people under 30 years old reported getting campaign new from the Daily Show
21 percent

A 2008 report showed that _____ of younger people report getting campaign news from the internet
42 percent

Major functions of the mass media in the United States include all except
conducting elections

When we say media help set the public agenda, we mean that the media
identify issues that merit public attention and government

When the media identify issues that merit public attention and government action, they are
setting the agenda

A good example of the socializing process that the media provide is
airing of children’s shows that portray diverse regions and groups

Most of the media in the United States are
private for-profit corporate enterprises

young people are using the Internet not only for entertainment, but also
as a source for social and political information

Publicly owned media outlets
often are subsidized by the government

President George Washington
believed that news that might damage the image of the US should be censored

The concept of manages news refers to
information distributed by the government to give priority to governemtn interests

Early newspapers usually
were sponssored by politicians

Two inventions that led to the development of mass-readershp newspapers were
the high-speed rotary press and teh telegraph

One of the major reasons for the emergence of large-circulation daily newspapers was
increases in levels of population and urbanization

Most mass-based newspapers in the post Civil War period expounded the political philosophy of
the owner of the paper

Sensationalistic, irresponsible journalism is known as
yellow journalism

The concept of yellow journalism refers to
sensationalistic, irresponsible journalism

The presidential campaign of 1952 was the first to
involve a real role for television

Which politician used television to respond to allegations of corruption by delivering a speech denying the attacks, shedding tears and claiming the only gifts he ever received were a dog and a coat for his wife
Richard Nixon

Broadcasting that is targeted to one small sector of the population is called

Campaigns that narrowcast
target and broadcast to one small sector of the pupulation

Radio talk shows have been dominated by
conservative commentators

Evidence from the Pew Center on conservative talk radio shows indicates that the
audience for most of these talk shows is not very different from the general population

In 2004 bloggers identified the flawed documentation used in a CBS story alleging that _____, an error that ultimately cost Dan Rather his job
George W. Bush failed to fulfill his obligation to the National Guard in teh 1970s

Political web logs that can have a dramatic influence on events are part of
blogosphere politics

Analysis of campaign blogs such as those of George W. Bush and John Kerry indicated that they
encouraged citizen interaction but were used more to send one-way information from candidates to citizens

_____ is a method of distributing multimedia files for downloading onto mobile devices or personal computers

In the United States, the mass media are dominated by

Television news is often criticized by non-partisan observers for being

Some critics of the media suggest that there is pressure to produce television news that
has a story line like a novl or movie

_____, a show on Comedy Central that resembles an actual newscast, blurs the line between fiction and reality by featuring guests from the world of politics and government
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

A sound bit is
a brief, memorable comment that easily can be fit into news broadcasts

A brief memorable comment that easily can be fit into news broadcasts is called
a sound bite

One of the most effective political ads of all time was a thirty-second spot for _____, depicting a little girl picking daisies in a field and then an image of a mushroom cloud emanating from a nuclear explosion
Lyndon Johnson in his campaign against Barry Goldwater

One of the major tactics of paid-for political announcements is
to use negative advertising

The attempts by campaign staffs to influence the quantity and type of coverage their candidates will receive from the media
Succeed frequently because campaign staff understands the technical aspects of media coverage, such as camera angles and deadlines, and plan events to accommodate the press

Spin refers to
an interpretation of campaign events that is most favorable to the candidate

An interpretation of campaign events or election results that is favorable to the candidate’s campaign strategy is known as

A spin doctor is a
political campaign adviser who tries to convice journalists of the truth of a particular interpretation of events

A political campaign adviser who tries to convice journalists of the truth of a particular interpretation of events is known as
Spin doctor

The 1960 presidential debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon
illustrated the importance of the candidates’ televised images

Generally, in presidential debates
challengers have much more to gain from debating than do incumbents

The most important aspect of debates for political candidates is taking advantage of an opportunity to
use the power of television to project an image

The number of voters who obtain election information online
is increasing

During the 2004 election _____ used his internet site and e-mailings to generate millions of dollars in campaign contributions, most of which were very small
Howard Dean

The effect of campaign commercials is limited because
individuals are only selectively attentive to what the commercials say

When people tend to watch only the campaign commercials of the candidates they favor, this is called
selective attentiveness

When a voter is selectively attentive, she
tends to watch only the campaign commercials of the candidates she favors

The media are most influential with those persons who
are undecided voters

The journalists assigned to cover the presidency on a full-time basis are members of the
White House press corps.

In an effort to influence conservative commentator Armstrong Williams to write favorably about George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind program, the Bush Administration acknowledged that it
provided Williams with almost a quarter of a million dollars

The White House press corps
consists of reporters assigned to cover the presidency on a full-time basis

The press secretary is
responsible for representing the White House to the media

The government official who represents the White House to the media is known as the
press secretary

“Fireside chats” were informal talks to the public via the radio by
Frandlin D. Roosevelt

The Telecommunications Act of 1996
allows telephone companies to own media corporations

The ownership of multiple media outlets by corporate conglomerates has
resulted in ABC owning Disney and NBC owning General Electric

The following media have full or broad First Amendment protection except
broadcast radio and TV

The Supreme Court did not fully apply the First Amendment ot motion pictures until

In the second war with Iraq
the Bush Administration allowed more than five hundred journalists to travel with combat forces

A survey of journalist in 2005 showed that
John Kerry received 52 percent of their votes

Studies of bias in the media have reached
different conclusions: some found a liberal bias while others found a conservative bias

Public response to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center reveals that most people perceive that the media
are biased toward rating and revenues

One study found that while African Americans constituted _____of the nation’s poor, they made up _____ of the images of the poor shown on leading network news program
29 percent
65 percent

Commentators have complained of all of the following forms of racial profiling in the media except
not enough police shows feature black cops

One recent survey showed that minority gorup members made up _____ of the employees in television journalism
18 percent

If the media were required to reveal all of their sources, it is likely that
members of the media would create blogs to attempt to inform the public anonymously so that their sources would be protected

The stories on the evening news tend to be no more than _____ long
3 minutes

In Iran state-run media relect the views of the
Iranian president and the conservative clerical establishment

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