Chapter 1- The New World of Marketing Communication

Account Executive
A person who acts as a liaison between the client and the agency
Account Management
People and processes at an ad agency that facilitate the relationship between the agency and the client
Account Planning
A process of using research to gain information about the brand in its marketplace, the consumer’s perspective, or both, and to use that research to contribute directly to advertising development
Account Services
The account management function of an agency, which acts as a liaison between the client and the agency
a notice about a product (good, service, or idea) that is designed to get the attention of a target audience.
a person or organization that initiates the advertising process
Paid non personal communication from an identified sponsor using mass media to persuade or influence an audience
Advertising Agency
An organization that provides a variety of professional services to its client who is the advertiser of a product
Advertising Department
A department within the company that acts as a facilitator between outside vendors and internal advertising management
Agency Networks
Large conglomerations of agencies under a central ownership
Agency of Record (AOR)
An advertising agency that manages the business between a company and the agencies it has contracts with
Art Director
The person who is primarily responsible for the visual image of the advertisement
Concentrating the mind on a thought or idea
Brand Advertising
An advertising strategy that focuses on creating an image or perception of a brand
Brand Name
The part of the brand that can be spoken, such as words, letters, or numbers
Business to Business Advertising (B2B)
Targets other businesses
Gossip created by people over a popular interest in something
A comprehensive advertising plan for a series of different but related ads that appear in different media across a specified time period
Media or companies such as local newspaper or radio stations that transmit communication messages from the advertiser to the audience and from consumers back to companies
Classified Advertising
Commercial messages arranged in the newspaper according to the interests of readers
the amount an ad agency charges to the client, often a percentage of media cost
Corporate Advertising
A type of advertising used by firms to build awareness of a company, its products, and the nature of its business
Creative Boutique
An advertising agency that specializes in the creative side of advertising
Direct Response Advertising
A type of marketing communication that achieves an action oriented objective as a result of the advertising message
Marketing communication is deemed to be effective when it accomplishes its objectives
Assessment about the extent to which objectives are met
The type of impact delivered by an advertisement or other marketing communication.
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
A U.S. government agency responsible for regulating several advertising issues including banning deceptive or misleading advertising
An hourly amount charged to the client by the agency
Fee System
A compensation tool for advertisers requiring that client and agency agree on an hourly fee rate or negotiate a charge for a specific project
Full Service Agency
An agency that provides clients with the primary planning and advertising services
Holding Companies
One or more advertising agency networks, as well as other types of marketing communication agencies and marketing services consulting firms
The use of intangible attributes to create a specific perception
In House agency
An agency within an advertiser’s organization that performs all the tasks an outside agency would provide for the advertiser
Institutional advertising
A type of corporate advertising that focus on establishing a corporate identity or viewpoint
Integrated marketing communication (IMC)
The practice of unifying all marketing communication efforts so they send a consistent brand message to target audiences
Local Advertising
Advertising targeted to consumers who live within the local shopping area of a store
Marketing Communication (Marcom)
The element in the marketing mix that communicates the key marketing messages to target audiences
Marketing Services
This includes a variety of suppliers hired by marketers such as researchers and various types of marketing communication agencies
Mass Media
Communication channels, such a newspapers or television used to send messages to large, diverse audiences
The channels of communication that carry the ad message to target audiences
Media Buying services
Specialists who implement the media plan by contracting with various media for placement of an advertisement
Media Vehicles
a single program, magazine, or radio station
6 basic attributes of advertising
1- paid communication
2-sponsor is identified
3-can be one way- two way, or multiple way
4- reaches a broad audience
5- conveyed through mass media, interactive media, word of mouth
6- seeks to inform or persuade
the logic behind an advertisement stated in objectives that focus on areas such as sales, emotional appeal, or brand reputation
the concept behind a message and how it is expressed based on consumer insights
the organization sponsoring the message
likely to have a marketing team that initiates the advertising effort
hires the advertising agency
the agency
creates, produces, and distributes message.
employs experts who are passionate about their work.
can negotiate the best media deals for clients
the media
-channels of communication that carry the message to the audience.
-many are large media conglomerates such as time warner and viacom
-mass media enables advertisers to reach many people with a single message in a cost-efficient way
professional suppliers and consultants
provide specialized services to advertisers and agencies
includes artists, writers, photographers, producers, printers and other freelancers
agency jobs
1- account management
2- account planning and research
3- creative development and research
4-media research, planning, and buying
5-internal operations
first principle of IMC
everything communicates
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