Chapter 1: Intro to Team Sports Marketing

flow of effects
illustrates the relationships between fans, brands, and properties.
a strong inclination toward an activity that people like, that they find important, and in which they invest time and energy
passion level
determined by how much heart, body, mind, and soul you put into your passion
fan identification
when an individual reacts to events that occur to the property as if the events happened to him/her
revenue sources (examples)
tickets and related merchandise sales, broadcasts and media, and corporate sponsorships
key performance indicators (KPIs)
should match the objectives for the brand and should be the metrics tracked by the property and brand together as partners
consumer brand adoption process
illustrates the steps consumers take on the path from awareness to purchase for a brand
brand differentiation
the extent to which the brand occupies a unique space in the minds of customers superior to competitors.
activation theory
answers questions such as how are stimuli received and transported in the central nervous system, how and why do these stimuli spark emotions, and how do psychological processes, conscious experiencing, and behavior link together during emotional process.
sponsor activation
refers to those partnership actions which link the property with the brand to make the brand unique in the minds of the audience.
measure activation
by asking fans the extent to which they observed actions of a given sponsor at an event.
channels of communication (examples)
stadium signage, scoreboard video messages, advertisements on Giants’ TV and radio broadcasts, banner ads on the team’s website, and sponsored special events involving social media.
fan engagement
turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context
the BAV model
focuses on Brand (Energized) Differentiation, Relevance, Esteem, and Knowledge for each of the brands in it BrandAsset Valuator database.
energized brand differentiation
refers to brand differentiation in that it encapsulates the unique meaning and momentum of a brand, but within the BAV model we recognize the magnitude of the influence differentiation has on overall brand health.
brand relevance
determines market penetration and refers to the extent to which the brand fits into people’s lives.
brand esteem
relates to loyalty and refers to how much regard people have for the brand
brand knowledge
relates to the depth of consumer experience, knowledge, and familiarity.
captures the number of households viewing broadcasts
provides market ratings for radio stations
reports “WAL” data measuring the percentage of a population estimated to have watched, attended, or listened to a team’s games at least once during the season
records sports broadcasts and related media, counts the number of seconds a brand is in view and calculates the media value for the amount of exposure the brand.
Federation Internationale de Football Association
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