Chapter 1 Human Relations in the Hospitality Industry

Transformational Leader
acts as a coach and leads by example
The hotel and restaurant industry depends on large numbers of people to fill __________, ___________ jobs that have little interest and no perceived future.
entry level, low wage
Which is not a practice of leaders?
They make sure their employees are not as strong as themselves
authority in hospitality management is describes as
The leader’s authority comes from:
All of the above
The leadership style that delegates all authority and power to the employees
A formal leader is one who is
according to the organizational chart “in charge”
Leadership style refers to:
the manner of interaction the supervisor uses with employees in directing and controlling the work
A flex style of management means:
adjusting decisions and actions to the needs of the situation
According to the theory of Situational Leadership the types of behaviors are:
directed and supportive
Leadership by example refers to:
setting a good example for your workers
The Theory X view of workers holds that:
people dislike work and must be coerced and threatened with punishment to get the work done
Situational leadership theory holds that:
the degree of worker participation should depend on the work, the people, the leader, and time pressures–the total situation
Participative management:
allows workers to take part in decisions affecting the.
Being a leader means:
all of the above
According to McGregor, the autocratic style is typical of which theory?
Theory X
Theory Y view of workers holds that:
work is as natural as play, and people will work of their own accord toward objectives that fill personal needs
A transactional leader
motivates through appealing to the workers interest (rewards)
Which of the following is not a style of leading?
When an employee has much commitment but little competence to do a job, the best leadership style according to situational leadership theories is:

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