Chapter 1 / 2 A history of the world in 6 glasses

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The agricultural evolution led to what changes
They began to not have a nomadic lifestyle
Why did people stop moving around
they stopped moving because they had a permanent food source (grain) and made permanent homes
What archeological evidence is there to support the harvesting transporting storing and processing of cereal grains
The fertile crest
What are cereal grains and what food and drink was produced from them
Beer was produced from them ; they can be stored for consumption for months or years and still get kept dry and safe
Explain 2 discoveries early farmers made about cereal grains
First discovery was that grain soaked in water could fast sweet this process was called molting. The second discovery was that malted grain was intoxicated and the birth of alcohol
Why was it better to use the same container to brew beer
It has reliable reuslts
Bread was solid liquid and Beer was liquid bread
Ancient civilizations believed beer was a gift from who and how should we thank them
The gods; the incas thanked them offered the beer to the rising sun god in a golden cup and poured it on the ground and the aztec offered beer to the godess of fertility
Food surpluses created by better farming allowed what to emerge
Allowed temples to emerge
Three Reason given for the switch to farming
the amount of food, the fertile crest diminished a more sedentary lifestyle increased human fertility allowing population to grow, Beer discovery made peoples desire the availability of grain by deliberating farming
Why is beer safer to drink than water
Beer was made with boiling water
Explain how storehouses and temples became interwined
Storhouse and temples became interwined when surplus foods came as an offering to the gods and the storehouses became temples
the land between 2 rivers is what? what are the names of the rivers? why did people choose to live their
the land between the stream is mesopotamia. The rivers are the tigris and euphrates. people may live near the cities to be near important religious or tracking centers
What did the surplus of grain allow
it freeded a small elite administrators and craftsman from the need to produce their own food but also funded vast public works such as canals temples and prymarids
Why did beer consumption make one sophisticated
seen as a god given drink believed that it is was one of the things that distinguished them from savages and made them fully human
what was the basis of the local diet if egypt and mesopotamia
beer and grains
why is sumer important to the history of man kind
it was the first wringing and allowed for the invention of grain beer bread and other goods
how did food and drinks play a part in ancient religion
sumerian religious ceremonies would lay out a meal on the table in the temple before a divine image in which they would eat food and drink for the gods in both sumerian and egyptian culture beer was a staple food in which no meal was complete without in neolithic villages offered this to the gods and in the practiced they were consumed by the tempes burecaracy for goods and services and even used it as the common currency
How did writing help the sumerian society
allowed them to record the collection and distribution of grain beer bread and other goods
Our modern latin alphabet can be traced back to what 2 ancient civilizations
Egyptians and sumarians
Why was wheat in it 2 forms important to mesopotamia civilizations
It was their staple currency and substance in general
What did her become synonymous with
prosperity and well being
what are some ways beer was used as a medicine
in egypt they used hundreds of herbal remedies some which involved beer which was said to cure indigestion a mixture of satforn and beer massaged into a women abdomen was prescribed labor pain
How was beer used in egyptian burials
laid to rest in shallow graves and buried with small jars of beer brewing and baking

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