Chap 17

QN=1 What are the two main goals of direct marketing?
a. to identify a potential customer and obtain an immediate response
b. to obtain an immediate response and to facilitate a purchase
c. to obtain an immediate response and build a lasting customer relationship
d. to provide information and build a lasting customer relationship
e. to save marketing dollars and facilitate a purchase
QN=2 Modern direct marketers rely heavily on database technologies and the Internet, while early direct marketers primarily used direct mailers, telemarketing, and ________.
a. door-to-door salespeople
b. catalogs
c. POP promotions
d. e-mail
e. inside salespeople
QN=3 All of the following are benefits of direct marketing for buyers EXCEPT ________.
a. access to numerous products
b. access to product reviews
c. guaranteed low prices
d. convenience
e. privacy
QN=4 All of the following are benefits of direct marketing for sellers EXCEPT ________.
a. efficiency in reaching markets
b. price and program flexibility
c. mass reach and frequency
d. lower cost-per-contact
e. efficiency in order processing
QN=5 One of the advantages of direct marketing for sellers is that direct marketing ________.
a. offers access to buyers outside local markets
b. eliminates the need for a company to employ a sales force
c. provides statistical information about industry buying habits
d. provides comparative information about customers and competitors
e. avoids expenses such as rent, insurance, and utilities
QN=6 Which of the following is essential for direct marketing to be effective?
a. an online presence
b. a good customer database
c. a well-trained sales force
d. inbound telephone marketing
e. digital direct marketing technologies
QN=7 All of the following are common uses for a direct marketing customer database EXCEPT ________.
a. generating sales leads
b. identifying prospective customers
c. profiling customers based on previous purchases
d. gathering marketing intelligence about competitors
e. building long-term customer relationships
QN=8 How does database marketing benefit consumers?
a. Companies make name-brand products and images readily available to customers.
b. Companies match customer needs and interests with products and services.
c. Customers receive better prices on products and services that they need.
d. Customers receive faster and more reliable service from companies.
e. Customers receive instant credit from more companies.
QN=9 Which kind of marketing involves sending an offer, announcement, reminder, or other item to a person at a particular physical or virtual address?
a. kiosk marketing
b. digital direct marketing
c. catalog marketing
d. direct-mail marketing
e. telephone marketing
QN=10 Which of the following is the most accurate name for a 30-minute television advertising program marketing a single product?
a. direct-response TV advertisement
b. home shopping channel
c. integrated marketing
d. direct-response commercial
e. infomercial
QN=11 What are two major forms of direct-response television marketing?
a. home television response and direct-response TV advertising
b. home shopping channels and infomercials
c. home-selling and toll-free response
d. call-in response and Web-site response
e. home shopping channels and podcasts
QN=12 Marketers view mobile phones as the next big marketing medium for all of the following reasons EXCEPT which one?
a. More consumers are using their cell phones for text messaging, surfing the Web, and watching videos.
b. Unlike telemarketing, mobile phone marketing is initially appealing to most cell phone users.
c. Cell phones are very popular with the highly desirable 18-to-34-year-old demographic.
d. Cell phone users can respond instantly to time-sensitive offers.
e. Most consumers always have their cell phones with them.
QN=13 What is the fastest growing form of direct-marketing?
a. mobile-phone marketing
b. online marketing
c. interactive TV
d. direct-response television
e. podcasts
QN=14 The growth of the Internet caused many brick-and-mortar firms to ________ in response to customer demands and a changing marketplace.
a. become click-only firms
b. send out more catalogs
c. become click-and-mortar firms
d. develop more infomercials
e. expand their outside sales forces
QN=15 The popular press has paid the most attention to ________ online marketing, which is the online selling of goods and services to final consumers.
a. B2C
b. B2B
c. C2C
d. C2B
e. B2R
QN=16 Which of the following is a potential drawback to advertising on a blog?
a. The content of a blog is difficult to control.
b. Advertising on a blog is typically expensive.
c. It is difficult to use blogs to reach highly targeted audiences.
d. Blogs are gaining popularity as consumers move away from newer Internet forums.
e. Blogs do not provide the kind of personalized medium that today’s marketers want.
QN=18 Online ads that incorporate animation, video, sound, and interactivity are called ________.
a. search-related ads
b. pop-ups
c. contextual ads
d. viral ads
e. rich media ads
QN=19 What does the term viral marketing mean?
a. It is another term for online privacy.
b. It is another term for online security.
c. It refers to problems associated with computer viruses.
d. It refers to word-of-mouth marketing that occurs online.
e. It refers to negative publicity associated with company blogs.
QN=20 Which of the following is a primary disadvantage of viral marketing?
a. The costs of viral marketing are too high for most companies.
b. The brand associated with the viral message is usually forgotten.
c. Marketers have little control over who receives the viral message.
d. Viral messages are offensive to many potential customers.
e. Viral messages are blocked by most search engines.
QN=21 Which of the following is a challenge of marketing through online social networks?
a. Users often resent an intrusive marketing message.
b. Existing networks are resistant to advertising.
c. Most existing networks are already controlled by major corporations.
d. Virtual worlds will most likely replace social networks in the near future.
e. Measuring the frequency and volume of network usage is difficult.
QN=22 All of the following are the likely results of direct marketing abuses EXCEPT ________.
a. decreased consumer response rates
b. decreased returns on advertising expenses
c. increasingly negative consumer attitudes
d. calls for less Internet oversight and legislation
e. calls for more restrictive legislation of direct marketing
QN=23 Company X began as a brick-and-mortar company. Which of the following statements MUST be true?
a. By adding online marketing options, Company X would become a click-and-mortar company.
b. Company X is also considered a click-only dot-com.
c. Company X should not be concerned about consumer-to-consumer online marketing.
d. Company X is probably not making a profit.
e. By adding online marketing options, Company X would become a click-only company.
QN=24 Jane Cheatham, a stay-at-home mother, regularly posts new entries on a widely read blog. In these entries, she often reviews consumer products that she uses during the course of her day. Jane participates in ________.
a. C2B online marketing
b. C2C online marketing
c. viral marketing
d. content sponsorship
e. online virtual worlds
QN=25 By using, potential buyers can bid for airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, cruises, and vacation packages. It is then up to sellers to decide whether or not to accept an offered bid. This is an example of ________.
a. B2B online marketing
b. C2C online marketing
c. B2C online marketing
d. C2B online marketing
e. multi-channel marketing
QN=26 You are looking up hotel rates on the Internet. Alongside your search results, a message reads, “Stay at Holiday Inn and get a 25 percent discount!” This is a ________.
a. search-related ad
b. pop-under
c. content sponsorship
d. pop-up
e. rich media ad
QN=27 Uptown Cleaning Crew is a company that provides house cleaning services in major urban and suburban areas. Marketers at Uptown Cleaning Crew developed a short, humorous video promoting the company’s services, and they hope that customers who see the video will be so entertained that they will pass it on to their friends and colleagues. The marketers at Uptown Cleaning Crew are using ________.
a. a content sponsorship
b. viral marketing
c. C2B marketing
d. rich media ads
e. a marketing Web site
QN=28 Runners can compare performances, set up profiles, and meet new friends on Nike’s Nike Plus Web site. Nike Plus is an example of a ________.
a. C2C marketing site
b. viral marketing site
c. Web community
d. content sponsorship program
e. contextual advertisement
QN=29 After selecting a sweater on the Land’s End Web site, Kelly Oldham filled out the required customer and credit card information. A box with a checkmark inside was next to the following statement :”Yes, I would like to receive promotional information via e-mail from Land’s End.” The statement suggests that Land’s End is using which of the following marketing tools?
a. spam
b. phishing
c. catalog marketing
d. niche marketing
e. permission-based e-mail marketing
QN=30 Adams Cutlery has always relied upon advertising to market its products to final customers. However, the marketing team at Adams Cutlery now wants to begin a direct marketing campaign consisting of a company Web site, e-mails to current customers, and an online catalog. Which of the following would the marketing team expect to gain as a result of implementing this direct marketing plan?
a. the ability to increase the range of products the company offers
b. a wealth of information about competitors and their products
c. more control over customers’ interactions with the company
d. the ability to learn more about their customers and tailor offerings to fit their needs
e. a higher cost-per-contact that could prove to be more cost effective than advertising in mass media

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