Change Management Plan Paper Essay Example
Change Management Plan Paper Essay Example

Change Management Plan Paper Essay Example

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  • Published: November 22, 2017
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Plan Paper Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better. - King Whitney Jr. In order for all organizations to survive they must adapt to their surroundings. Individuals term this saying as the ‘survival of the fittest’.

Crys Tel is a telecommunication company with 2500 employees and annual revenue of 200 million.Its services include the production of cables, network development, and wireless solutions. As the telecommunication advance, so must Crys Tel who is now force to adapt both internally and externally by building a culture for sustaining change. In this paper, I will identify the major implications and human behavior of


change at Crys Tel. Selecting the right change model will help develop a plan to address human variables, potential resistance to change, and contingency strategies for this resistance.

The appropriate leadership style to implement change will be selected.I will also recommend management and leadership practices that will contribute to the success of change. I will recommend measures to monitor progress of these changes and analyze three leaderships that Crys Tel could face within 5 to 10 years. The telecommunication is continuously changing and Crys Tel needs to keep in pace to ensure it success. To keep up with the market demands Crys Tel plans to increase its market product offering in the market by implementing emerging telecommunications such as cooper connectivity, code division multiple access, and other real-time solutions in a bid.

Offering these new products

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in the market a new portfolio might need to be change. This change could impact the whole organization. Therefore, the company must be evaluated. In the mist of change Crys Tel wants to maintain its organizational vision, mission and values. Crys Tel vision is to be the customer “first choice for telephony, data, and voice service in Illinois” (University of Phoenix, 2008). The mission is to provide its customers with not only the most reliable telecommunication service statewide but the best service.

The value for Crys Tel is to maintain its integrity, community development, and shareholder value.Major Implication of change The purpose for Crys Tel is to develop and create a more productive, viable, and profitable organization. Organizational develop is not a quick fix. The process is comprehensive and systematic. With a budget of only 65,000, crystal will analyzes its departments by surveying it for weakness and strengths. Employee satisfaction survey and climate survey is used to analyze technology, technology operations, human resources, marketing, sales and delivery department to determine if they are ready for change and if the transition of change will be smooth.

Crys Tel strategic plan is to survey the “organization’s long-term direction and actions necessary to achieve planned results. The survey was use to base its organizational strengths and “weakness relative to its environmental opportunities” (Keinter & Kinaki, 2004). Identifying the strongest and weakness departments allowed Crys Tel to focus more on the weak departments. The strong departments were Technology Development department, Human Resources, and Technology Operations. Technology Development department can lead by example, are risk-takers, and resolve conflicts.Human Resource has employee and senior communication and strong mentoring skills.

Technology Operations are good at

empowering teams. Sales and Delivery and Marketing were found to be the weakest departments. The Sales and Delivery were weak in leading by example, risk-taking, and revolving conflicts. Marketing was found weakest at employee and senior communication, empowering teams and mentoring sessions. Not accepting these weaknesses Crys Tel seeks to remove all obstacles and weakness that interferes with high performance results.The organization also seeks to turn this adaption into organizational strength with positive group performance.

Crys Tel is not the only company where employees block organizational change. Various surveys identify where “over 40 percent of executives identify employee resistance as the most important barrier to corporate restructuring or improved performance” (McShane & Von Glinow, 2005). Behavior Experts believe that employee resistance to change is a symptom not a problem so change agent needs to “investigate and remove the causes of resistance” (McShane & Von Glinow, 2005).With this information at hand, Crys Tel set out to implement activities to enhance employee behavioral parameters.

The employee satisfaction and climate survey showed that employee’s behavioral resistance is due to lack of delegation of responsibility, communication, department objectives, teamwork, customer contact, rapport, training, and creative thinking. This can further lead to “passive non-compliance, complaints, absenteeism, turnover, and collective action (e.g. , strikes, walkout)” (McShane & Von Glinow, 2005). Appropriate change modelKurt Lewin developed a force field analysis model that explains how the change process works. Lewin’s change model consists of three stages unfreezing, changing, and refreezing.

This model helps organizations tackle organizational issues of ending current attitudes, behaviors, and organizational practices. Lewin’s change model recognized the habits in individuals thought and actions. Crys Tel recognizes that there is need for change and

the driving force that affect the situation. Crys Tel tends to initiate organizational change and keep it moving in the direction until it meets it goals and values.Goals cannot be reached until productivity is improved, internal and external change is met.

The must be an equilibrium of all level to equal the driving force that restrain forces of change. For this reason, Lewin’s model change is the best choice. Unfreezing is the first stage of the Lewin’s change model and “the focus of this stage is to create the motivation of change” (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2004). Crys Tel now requires its employees to change in order to reach a goal that can only be achieved by reinforcing attitudes, new behavior, and organizational practices.Internally, Crys Tel needs to increase and offer new products to its customers and externally force to keep up with technology changes in order to introduce the products to their customers.

Also, Internally Crys Tel is face with low motivation, productivity, absenteeism, and high employee turnover. The organization first step was recognizing the need for change and being motivated to makes these changes. To unfreeze the employee minds Crys Tel need to take the information learn from the employee satisfaction and climate survey and look at the factors for employees resistance.Factors include the lack of communication between functions, lack of directions and communication of goals, lack of delegation of responsibility, and lack of recognition for achieving targets. Addressing these issues will help get the staff moving along to let go of their comfortable current realities. A contingency strategy plan can help enable a smooth transition from the current state to the future state.

Employees can be

encouraged to be involved in problem-solving and make decisions that will increase interaction between managers and customers. Set specific performance objectives that will help the team meet objectives.Implement training initiatives so that managers can lead team with effective communications. Start a U-air program so employee can voice concerns and issues related to work.

Increase customer contact so employees analyze situations to encourage critical thinking. This plan can eliminate barriers of uncertainty, mistrust, and fear of unknown. The second stage of Lewin’s model is change. Change occurs when Crys Tel succeed in providing employees with “new information, new behavioral models or new ways of looking at things. The purpose is to help employee learn new concepts or point of view” (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2004).

Employees were given the data collected from the employee satisfaction survey, climate survey, and department analysis. Each department goals will be different and should be address separately. Once each department goals is outlined then Lewin’s change model will enter the last stage which is refreezing. During refreezing change is “stabilized during refreezing by helping employee integrate the change behavior or attitude into their normal way of doing things” (Kreinter & Kinicki, 2004). Crys Tel can refreeze the employees’ new behavior to some degree by unlearning the things that they have been taught or learned.Crys Tel accomplished refreezing by training the entire departments with the old behaviors and personalities by encouraging them to change.

Leadership style for implementing change There are many different leadership styles and an organization must be aware of all of them to be truly effective in any area. A leader should not only manage and develop its employees but keep an eye

on the strategic future at all times. When implementing major change managers should not neglect their duties or they will run the risk of being unable to implement the changes effectively.It is very important to be able to motivate your team. It is important to adapt to all the leadership styles and change the leadership style to suite the circumstances and the team.

The appropriate leadership style for implementing change at Crys Tel is the coaching style. Coaching style help develop the long-term development of others. Crys Tel understands that it “needs to adapt to the changes in its internal and external environment by building a culture for sustaining change” (University of Phoenix, 2008). Leaders who use the coaching style can help employees identify their strengths and weakness.

Crys Tel used behavioral parameter such as leadership, motivation, communication etc. to asset its department strengths and weakness. All relevant information was taken from the employee satisfaction survey and climate survey. Using coaching style manager can provide continual motivational support and provide feedback to the employees.

To contribute to the continual success of the organizational change process managers and leaders should hold regular meeting which would allow the employees to voice their opinions and make suggestions.Crys Tel leaders should help the employees achieve their best by setting realistic goals and performance. Before this can be possible, leaders should communicate clear about their expectations and the standards of how performance should be reached. Developing training programs and recognize employee for their success in efforts with incentives or rewards. All department teams should be involve and encourage working together in problem solving and finding solutions.

They should be encouraged to improve products, performance,

processes while generating ideas for new innovation.These cannot become reality if no training or an environment of motivation and participation is not created. Management should practice –two-ways communication starting from top to down and from bottom to up and all though the department by either emails or staff meetings. Managers should also lead by example by developing a supportive system.

Management can ask questions and draw solutions from employee. During the climate survey employees “were asked if the seniors display a participative style of leadership” (University of Phoenix, 2008).The participative management is motivational and involves the employees in decision making. Out of the all the departments Marketing can use more participative leadership style.

Recommended measures to monitor and progress change Achieving goals takes time so managements should set time target to make sure that employees are not sidetracked. Managers would be able to measure employee progress periodically. Recording the process should be upgraded regularly and be available to all to see. For example, information can be stored on the organizational Intranet so it can be assess by all.Employee satisfaction can be measure by using employee surveys and benchmarking other companies.

Challenging goals can be motivated by gathering information. Leaders can ask questions to discover what the employees are thinking, major issues faced, and what they are trying to achieve. A good communication channel and having an open door policy can allow managers to be more accessible to its staff. Having a suggestion box in all departments will allow the employees to make suggestions and managers can take it under consideration.Monitoring tools can improve and check department progress.

If Crys Tel profits increase after introducing the new products into the

market then Crys Tel succeed in customer satisfaction. If Crys Tel succeeds in turning the entire weak department into strong department then it succeeds in “applying behavioral change techniques to build a culture that can sustain change” (University of Phoenix, 2008). The effectiveness of Crys Tel organizational change can also be measured by productivity, absenteeism, and high employee turnover. Future leadership challenges in the next 5 to 10 yearsIn the next 5 to 10 years Crys Tel might face three future leadership challenges. Globally, technology is growing rapidly and the competitive pressures to remain at the forefront of the business are one reason why Crys Tel needs to keep up with global innovation. Crys Tel must have asset to new markets to increase its profits.

During global innovation there might be “cultural issues within organizations that need to be addressed” (Von Stramm, 2003). What use to be ‘we’ as the entire organization can be broken down as ‘us or them’ will hinder successful development of the organization.Leaders can become protective of their department and boycott introduction of new products without their involvement. All employees will need to be train on product knowledge and be able to answer product questions from customers.

The leadership has the challenge on how much budget should be set aside for training, make a choice on whom get to attend, and how long is product training. The leadership at Crys Tel has the challenge of addressing their competitors. Technology is becoming more dependent on wireless and less on data cables.Customers are more dependent on wireless since it is mobile. Soon land line phones will be something of the past. Many other telecommunications organization

is jumping on the bandwagon of technology which will make it more competitive for Crys Tel.

New competition means losing customers. Crys Tel will need to expand its services to gain new customers while keeping its old customers. Crys Tel would have to provide customers with continually new products and packages that would be under price or same price match as it competitor. A budget will be needed for advertisement.

If Crys Tel go global it would have to deal with closing some sites and opening new offices in a foreign country. Leaders will be face with not only outsourcing but trying to keep many domestic talented employees. Many employees would panic in fear of job lost and join Crys Tel competitors. Incentives will need to be introduced to keep key and talented employees from leaving thus prohibiting the competitors from learning Crys Tel organizational secrets. The third challenge that leadership may face is reorganization of its structure.

As CrysTel go global and acquire new customers due to the expansion of its organization so it must reorganize its structure. Reorganization is imperative to avoid or add issues of organizational structure. Keeping up with customers demands, keeping loyal customers, gaining customers, and keeping a good cultural environment for the employees will need reorganization. New departments might be open or replace old ones. Many employees will retire and will be need to be replaced.

Current leaders could be promoted and inexperience leaders would take his or her place.Old leaders will retire taking their knowledge with them. Old ways of doing and thinking will be replaced with new ideas and leadership styles. Sub cultures will be form again and conflicts will arise.

Many employees will become frustrated with change again would not want any part of change.

Changes that were previous put into place and not properly followed up would eventually lead to many employees resist change and not motivated to go about another major change. Soon employees would then start being absent from work, low productivity, low morale and high employee turnover.Conclusion All organizations must go through a change process in order to keep up and to survive the new global technology. Many employees resist organizational change because they fear the unknown. To implement change at Crys Tel a budget of 65,000 was use to conduct an employee survey and a climate survey.

Both surveys prove beneficial by pointing out the weakness and strengths of the whole organizational departments. Once the weakest departments were identify Crys Tel was able turn pin point areas of weakness and turn it into strengths.Using Lewin’s model of change, Crys Tel leaders was able to unfreeze the old ways of thinking and motivate the employees by instilling new ideas. By aiding the employees to accept these guidelines, the change stage was accomplished.

A new mind set (refreezing stage) was maintained. The overall implementation of change was successful. The challenges that Crys Tel will face in a few years from now is keeping up with global change, remaining competitive, and restructuring its organization. Crys Tel took advantage of the growth opportunity by acknowledging and devises a plan to overcome these challenges.The challenges was not a short quick fix but was evaluated to prevent any future conflict over any resistance to change in the future.

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