CH4 CSCI pt. 2

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An extension of .ocx designates a ____ type of file.
An extension of .wav designates a ____ type of file.
File management capabilities available from application software include ____ files.
copying, deleting, renaming
A file ____, in the context of Windows, is a piece of information that describes a file.
The difference between the Save and the Save As commands is that ____.
.one is used when a new file without a name is open, and one is used with an existing file & one is used with an existing file, and one is used when you need a new name & one is used with an existing file, and one is used when you want to save in a new location
The accompanying figure is an example of a(n) ____ utility
file management
Utilities, like the one shown in the accompanying figure, often use some sort of storage metaphor to help you visualize and mentally organize the files on your disks. The metaphors are called ____ storage models.
One file storage metaphor that is based on a hierarchical diagram (and illustrated in the accompanying figure) is sometimes referred to as a ____ structure.
One file storage metaphor that is based on a hierarchical diagram (and illustrated in the accompanying figure)
is sometimes referred to as a ____ structure.
click on each file while holding down Ctrl key
Using Microsoft Windows products, like the one in the accompanying figure, to select files and folders which
are listed consecutively, ____.
click on the first and last file while holding down the Shift key
A description of what actually happens on the disk and in the circuits is represented by a ____.
physical storage model
Most hard disks are formatted by the ____.
____ is the process of creating a CD, DVD, or BD by selecting all the files and then copying them in a single
disc mastering
In relation to disks, ____ is a recording technology that lets you record in multiple sessions
packet writing
A group of sectors is called a ____.
The file system used by Mac OS is ____.
The file system used by Windows 7 is ____.
The file system used by Windows Vista is ____.
To delete data from a disk in such a way that no one can ever read it, you should
use special file shredder software
Files stored in noncontiguous clusters are ____.
If your backups are ____, keep them in a safe place
Web sites that offer storage space for backups are called ____ backup services.
An easy way to back up your important data is simply by copying selected files to a ____.
USB flash drive
You should consider making backups of your ____.
ISP phone #, IP address, user ID, password, favorite URLs, purchased downloaded software
____ compares the content of files on two devices and makes them the same.
A(n) ____ backup makes a fresh copy of every file in the folders you’ve specified for the backup.
A(n) ____ backup contains any files that have changed since the last full backup.
A(n) ____ backup makes a copy of only those files that were added or changed since your last backup
A(n) ____ disk is a bootable CD, DVD, or other media that contains a complete copy of your computer’s hard
disk as it existed when the computer was new.
A disk ____ is a bit-by-bit copy of the data from all sectors of a disk.
Tom and Andy both have Microsoft Word. It would be best to store their files in its native format with an extension of ____.
.doc or .docx
Tom sends Andy an email attachment named OurProject.tif. Andy tries to open the attachment but can’t. His problem may be that ____.
file is corrupted, some changed file extension, or he doesn’t have the correct software
Andy sent Tom a picture file as a JPEG. Tom wants to convert it to a GIF. To do that, Tom should ____.
open it in photoshop and covert it
Tom asked Andy if he converts a file, will it be identical to the original? Andy should tell him ____.
Charlie wants to know what the term is for making a copy of all his files. Charlie has a Windows machine.
You tell him the correct term is ____.
full backup
Which of the following is NOT a true statement you can make to Charlie?
even if you lose your encryption key, you can still access and use encrypted data
Charlie wants to know where he should keep his backups. You tell him the most secure storage location is____.
in a different location from where his computer resides
Cindy wants to know how a computer can run more than one program at a time. You explain to her that the
operating system allocates specific areas of memory for each program. This memory is called ____
You tell Cindy that the type of operating system that expects to deal with one set of input devices is a ____
operating system.
Cindy wants to know if she ever has to interact with the operating system. You tell her yes if she wants to
configure equipment, manage files, get help

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