ch.30 Ap world history

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involuntarily come to the U.S. unlike immigrants
none in GB, FR, Ger
European immigrants
migrate to the U.S. and Canada
Latin America
-continued instability
-racism (the darker you are, worse off you are)
-whites/creoles have power
little experience with self-government
white/creole minority
-dominated politics (conservative)
-peasant majority is without power (disenfranchised)
-do not support European liberal ideas of working class suffrage
Why do the creoles not support European liberal ideas of working class suffrage?
because they do not want to share power
military strongmen, takeover power, exploit people
Who was Juan Manuel de Rosas
brutal dictator with absolute power
claimed/maintained power in anyway possible
\”macheovete of the pampas\” created order through violence
How did the mexican government shift roles?
started out as a monarchy under Spain and Portugal then went to a republic and then to caudillo rule(1821-1911)
President Benito Juarez
led a liberal movement and reform
universal male suffrage, limited power of priests and military
suspended loan payments to foreign powers
Why does Benito Juarez limit the power of priests and military?
because they support the creole elite
Why do creoles hate Benito Juarez?
because he opposed landowning elites
Why is it surprising Benito Juarez was a leader?
comes from indigenous descent
How does Spain, Britain and France react when Benito Juarez suspends loan payments?
in 1860 Napoleon the third is in power of France (wants to conquer all of Europe)
1862 France, Britain and Spain travel to Mexico to defeat Mexico
Why are the European powers unable to conquer Mexico?
Mexico is resistant and the U.S. intercedes to help Mexico
Why do creole elites allow U.S. to enter latin america?
because the americans have experience and money
U.S. industrialization in latin america
-causes low wages for the latin american working class because the creoles are paid and gain profit and do not support the government (corruption/racism)
-causes dependent economy from U.S.
-profit only goes to mexican elites
why was there no industrialization in latin america?
because of colonial legacy and stratified society
Porfirio Diaz
encouraged foreign investors (U.S. in mexico)
does not share profit made (corrupt)
economic growth in latin america
no diversification
3 main cash crops
latin american cash crops
coffee, tobacco, sugar
Why must a nation diversify?
if they rely on one cash crop then the economy fails and suffers
Emiliano Zapata and Pancho villa
create popular uprisings in countryside (2 million dead)
but the Mexican government regains control when U.S. support creoles because they gain profit
latin american societies
organized by ethnicity and color
very stratified and racist
Chinese immigrants
traveled to Canada and U.S. to build railroads
traveled to latin america for guano mining
guano mining
collect bird poop for fertilizer
Chinese and Japanese immigrant work
Louis Riel
leader of western métis and indigenous people (french and indigenous ancestry)
Italian immigrants
go to U.S. and Argentina
egalitarian society (equality)
mestizos and mixed race
culture of male strength (patriarchal society)
change occurs a lot

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