Ch. 27 The Age of Imperialism

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What was the primary motive for imperialism?
competition for natural resources and raw materials
\”All the countries were occupied except for Africa.\” What does this statement fail to consider?
Indigenous populations inhabited Africa
Cecil Rhodes was
A British diamond mine owner, an advocate for British expansionism and a believer in British superiority
Who was responsible for the horrific treatment on native people in the Congo? (country)
Which is NOT a form of imperialism?
Moral imperialism
Direct control of a colony involves
bringing foreign officials in to rule a colony
The policy that over time the local population of a controlled area would adopt the culture and become like the European nation ruling there is
The opposition of the Dutch settlers to British policy in South Africa turned violent during the
Boer War
The Berlin Conference was
European nations deciding how to split up the nations of Africa, hosted by Germany, resulted in European countries controlling almost the entire continent
The Suez Canal was important because
It made European access to Asia much faster
The White Man’s Burden was
Encouraging imperialism and having non-white people become like the Europeans
The natural boundaries that existed in Africa at the end of the 19th century were
arbitrarily imposed
The Sepoy Mutiny resulted in
the British government taking direct command of India
Sepoys were
Indian soldiers
India was called the Jewel of the Crown because
It was the most valuable of Britain’s colonies due to the materials and 300 million people population
The term raj is used to refer to the period of Indian’s history during which India was
dominated by Britain
a result for native populations of an emphasis on cash crops was
Why did Western Nations desire land in the Pacific Rim?
because of their natural resources and strategic location
The lands of Southeast Asia were particularly well suited to
plantation agriculture
What set the stage for Vietnamese resistance against the French?
Peasants had less rice to eat because the French exported most of it
Which area did the US acquire as a result of the Spanish American War?
The annexation of Hawaii was pushed by US
sugar-cane planters
paternalism was
the system, principle, or practice of managing or governing individuals, businesses, nations, etc., in the manner of a father dealing benevolently and often intrusively with his children:
What were cash crops?
crops to be sold, not eaten or used
What was plantation agriculture?
the crop produced usually requires many workers to harvest. Before the time of machine processing people required huge numbers of laborers to harvest crops like cotton and tobacco. This was the key driving force of the slave trade in the colonial era.
What were the motives for imperialism?
1. gain power and territory
2. to spread Christianity and Europeanize Africa
3. markets and materials
4. Belief in European superiority (racism)
Positive effects of British colonialism in Africa?
1. modernized by adding railroads, phones
2. end to local warfare
3. education, health and sanitation
Negative effects of British colonialism in Africa?
1. British held most political and economic power
2. British restricted Indian owned industries
3.emphasis on cash crops led to a loss of self sufficiency
4.conversion to cash crops led to a famine in the late 1800s
5. increased presence of British missionaries threatened traditional life
6. diseases spread in Africa such as small pox
7. unnatural boundaries joined rival groups and separated united ones
What were the main points of Hotel Rwanda?
Hutu and Tutsi Civil War leads many people to stay in a hotel, Hotel Rwanda, and only the white people are saved at first and many try to escape war zone

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