Ch 15 – Multiple Choice

In the context of the data-information-decision cycle, decisions made by high-level managers trigger actions in an organization’s:
lower levels
At the level of middle management, the database must be able to _____
provide the data necessary for tactical decisions and planning
When introducing a database into an organization, the database approach creates a more controlled and structured information flow and thus affects people, functions, and interactions. This leads to a _____ impact of the new database system.
The person responsible for the control of the centralized and shared database is the database _____
Database administration operations are commonly defined and divided according to the phases of the _____
A data administrator is also known as an _____
information resource manager
The _____ administrator is responsible for strategic planning
Coordinating, monitoring, and allocating database administration resources is included in a DBA’s _____ role
The _____ role of a DBA covers activities that involve evaluating, selecting, installing, and maintaining a DBMS and its related utilities and applications
_____ are general statements of direction or action that communicate and support DBA goals
_____ are more detailed and specific than policies and describe the minimum requirements of a given DBA activity
_____ are written instructions that describe a series of steps to be followed during the performance of a given activity
“All users must have passwords” is an example of a _____
Instructions to create a password are an example of a _____
In the context of data backup and recovery, the activities of a _____ includes the DBA operations that are classified as disaster management
database security officer
45. “A password must have a minimum of five characters” is an example of a _____
Which of the following is a reason why a DBMS’s daily operations must be clearly documented?
documentation of the daily operations help pinpoint causes and solutions of database problems
An _____ plan is a set of instructions generated at application compilation time that predetermines how the application will connect to and communicate with the database at run time
_____ activities cover all tasks directly related to the day-to-day operations of the DBMS and its applications
system support
_____ deals with ensuring that data is protected against unauthorized access, and if the data are accessed by an authorized user, that the data are used only for an authorized purpose
When performing user access management, a DBA defines each user to the database at the _____ levels
operating system and DBMS
User-access management is a subset of _____
authorization management
In the context of database usage monitoring, an _____ is a file that automatically records a brief description of the database operations performed by all users
audit log
An _____ data dictionary is automatically updated by the DBMS with every database access
A _____ data dictionary is not updated automatically and usually requires a batch process to be run
_____ CASE tools provide support for the planning, analysis, and design phases
_____ CASE tools provide support for the coding and implementation phases
The _____ component of a CASE tool produces the information system’s input/output formats
screen painter and report generator
_____ allows for the translation of the company’s strategic goals into the data and applications that will help the company achieve those goals
information engineering (IE)

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