Ch 11 Sec 2 Imperialism

What do Europeans want to control in the colonies?
influence political and social lives of people
shape economics to benefit europe
want people to adopt euro customs
Four forms of control of territory
sphere of influence
economic imperialism
governed by a foreign power
ex. Somaliland
governs itself, but under outside control
ex. Niger River Delta
sphere of influence
outside power controls investment, trading
ex Liberia under U.S.
economic imperialism
private business interests assert control
ex. Dole Fruit Company in Hawaii
Two methods of management?
indirect and direct control
Indirect control
limited self-rule for local governments
legislative body includes colonial and local officials
goal: develop future leaders
direct control
paternalism- provide for local people, but grant no rights
assimilation- adaptation of local people to ruling culture
gov’t based only on euro style
no self rule
goal: assimilation
example of indirect control
British colonies (Nigeria, India)
example of direct control
French colonies (Somaliland, Vietnam)
How does Britain take control of Nigeria
by using diplomacy and force
conquest through Royal Niger company
How many ethnic groups does Nigeria have?
What method of management does Britain use?
indirect rule
How do Africans react to Imperialism?
resist Euro power
try to have resistance movements, fail
What colonies fight with the French for years?
Algeria (50 yrs)
Samori Toure (16 yrs)
What happens in the German East African movement?
africans put faith in spiritual defense against modern weapons
What is the outcome of African resistance?
75,000 deaths
famine kills twice as many
What happens in Ethiopia
Successful resistance
Menelik II plays Europeans against each other
stockpiles arsenal of modern weapons
defeats Italy and remains independent
Negative effects of Imperialism
africans lose land, independence, lives
traditional cultures break down
division of africa creates problems that still exist today
Positive effects of Imperialism
colonialism reduces local fighting
sanitation improves
hospitals and schools created
technology brings economic growth