Ch. 10-11 funeral Directing and Funeral Service Management

Rim Flange-(ogee Flange)
turned under edge or horizontal portion of the rim which comes into contact with the gasket or body ledge. ( when you open and close)
composed of the cap (lid) and body of the casket ( Bottom top Part)
Casket Body
Casket shell containing the top body molding, body panel, base molding and casket bottom (take the lids off what’s left)
Stationary bar
non-moveable handle. Can come in different sizes
Swing Bar
moveable casket handle. Can come in different sizes
Cap Panel
focal part of the interior that is inside the crown
Pie (fish tail)
the wedge shaped portion of the cap lid at each end of the crown
optional part of the hardware that is attached to the four corners of the body panel
Rim or ogee
the “s” shaped molding that is a component part of the casket cap (very tip of it)
Full Couch
casket is open from head to foot (one piece lid)
Half Couch
casket top divided into two sections. Head sections opens for viewing
uppermost part of the cap
decorative part of the casket handle that covers the exposed ends of the bar
molten copper or bronze metal is poured into a mold farming a seamless unit
Copper/ Bronze
contains no iron and therefore it will not rust 90% copper 10% zinc
Stamped hardware
less expensive. The hardware is pressed out in hydraulic presses
Molten metal
liquid hot, pouring melted metal
Oz copper per square foot
Most common unit is 32 or 48 ounces per foot of metal, 32 ounce copper or bronze caskets will have 32 ounces of copper or bronze per square foot, 48 Oz caskets will be heavier, Brown and Sharpe gauge
Non Ferrous Metals
not formed from iron. Copper, bronze
Ferrous metals
metals formed from iron, steel or stainless steel
a casket constructed of different species of wood, (salix)
ornamental fixtures and their fitting that are attached to the casket shell
wood from cone- bearing trees
Base molding
(shell) lower most edge of the body panels
Tailoring the casket
a tightly drawn form of the casket interior style
parts of the foot panel header on cut top caskets (serves as a seal between the head and the foot caps (locket area)
thickness of metals, 16, 18, 19, or 20ga
a case or receptacle for dead human remains which in anthropoidal in shape (widest at the shoulder and narrowest at feet)
Cap panel
focal part of the interior that is inside the crown
(interior panel) cover, puffing component part of the casket interior which lines the rim and surrounds the cap panel
where the deceased human remains are placed
cover lay skirt- lining attached to the undersurface of the foot panel or the casket
steel that has been coated with zinc to resist rust
a case or receptacle in which human remains are placed for protection practice utility and a suitable memory picture
a fabric of silk, cotton and possibly rayon, with a nap
higher the number the heavier ounces
lower the number the heavier inches
casket interior which extends over the top body molding
Throw, over throw and apron ( overlay skirt)
-(fold) strip of metal, plastic, or cloth that is attached to the inside of the panel, covering the area at which point the roll (cove) is anchored
(wood wool) wood that has been shredded into spaghetti like strings
( overthrow, throw) the aesthetic covering for the foot cap or inner foot panel of the casket
this is copper or bronze metal rolled into sheets
Copper and Bronze comes in large rolls
USA standard Gauge (Oz)
gauge of casket how thick caskets is
Brown and Sharpe Gauge
32 ounces per foot of metal. 48(heavier) ounces per foot of metal, copper and Bronze
Oversized caskets
increase by 2 inches in width and 3 inches in length each step represented by an x after the size
Elliptic casket
(oval/ ablong)- a casket having ends in the shape of a half circle
Copper deposit
a casket made from a core of copper metal to which copper ions are combined by an electrolytic process
Octagon casket
a casket having eight angles or corners and therefore has 8 sides or body panels
a transfer container consisting of a wooden tray with a card board covering for the casket
Urnside casket
a casket design in which the body panels display the shape of a urn
Hammer tone finish
a sprayed finish that has the appearance of small indentations in the metal (as if struck by a ballpeen hammer) the indentations are in the paint and appear as the paint dries, usually found on inexpensive caskets
Doe skin
(mole skin)- a heavy durable cotton fabric with a short (1/8th inch or less), thick, velvety nap on one side, woven cloth with a suede like appearance with a nap of less than 1/8th inch
Burial Vaults
an outer enclosure which offers protection from the earth load as well as possessing sealing qualities: 2 purposes: 1) limit intrusion of outside elements, 2) support the load of the earth
Casket exterior finished
polished gloss: shined to a high luster
Air seal vault
a method of closure that utilizes the air pressure created by placing the dome of the vault onto the base of the vault
Ziegler Case
A gasket sealed container which can be used as an insert into a casket or a separate shipping container
Urn Vault
metal or concrete vault for urns
Double seal
a method of sealing burial vaults that utilizes the principle of the air seal in conjunction with an epoxy material at the junction of the some and the base of the vault
Top seal
in burial vaults, a method of sealing that utilizes an epoxy compound in conjunction with a tongue- in- groove closure at the top of the vault
Combination unit
any product consisting of a unit or series of units which are designed or intended to be used together as both a casket and as a permanent burial receptacle
Combination case
a transfer container consisting of a particle board box with a cardboard tray and cover to satisfy air- shipping regulations
Grave liner
an outer enclosure which offers protection from the earth load but without protection from the elements
vault or transport
a container for cremated remains; a vase with a foot or pedestal
Dome (metal Vault)
the top of an air seal burial vault that entraps air as it is put in position. It also supports the weight of the earth above
the method of price quotation by which each unit of service and / or merchandise is priced separately
Unit pricing
a method of price quotation in which one price includes both service and casket
Functional pricing
– a method of price quotation in which the charges are broken down into several major component parts such as professional services, facilities, automobile and merchandise
a value in an ordered set of values which represents the midpoint, where by there are an equal number of values above and below the midpoint value
EX: 700, 800, (900), 1,000, 1,100
the sum of a group of numbers divided by the number of units
EX.700, 1500, 1200, 800= 4200.00, 4200/4=1,050 average sale
appears the most
upper and lower limits of a series of numbers, 1st quartile, 2nd-3rd, 4th
Educational group
three or four caskets utilized to educate the selecting party regarding the elements of casket construction
the purchasing, pricing, display, and sale of merchandise
a division of the total into four intervals, each one representing one- fourth of the total
Pre- selection room
Before entering the casket selection room, the funeral director should give the family an introduction on what to expect when they enter the room, make them as comfortable as possible and well informed consumers, : Let them know you have X # of caskets, price ranges, type of casket they are, tell them how you are going to present the caskets to them, give them any federal and state disclosures, directors enter first, all lights should be on, the furniture grouping should be nearby, along with the demo group
Typical Merchandizing sold in the funeral home
caskets, vaults, urns, printed materials clothing jewelry, headstones
those goods or stock of goods which are held for resale
Casket room location
same building as the funeral home, main floor of funeral home or upstairs but make sure you have an elevator
Candle distance
one candle at a distance of one foot, incandescent light- 90-100 ft at pillow height
Indirect lighting
reflected illumination of an object
Direct lighting
illumination directly shining on an object
Church trunk
wheeled collapsible support for the casket
Recommended # of caskets
12 minimum, 30 maximum
Recommended space per casket
40-60 square feet per casket
Purpose of the seats in casket rooms
to give the families something familiar to relate to as a way to relieve tension have something available to sit on in case people feel it necessary to get off their feet
Direct sales
Advantages: 1)some families prefer the support given by funeral directors,2) the funeral Director id better able to meet the needs of the family
Disadvantages: 1) no privacy for family to discuss matters relating to their decision when the funeral director is present, 2) the presence if the funeral director influence the client selection,3) Non-verbal communication which occurs can be both negative and positive,4) the funeral director may misinterpret the needs of the family
Gross Profit Margin formula
(retail wholesale)- retail price minus wholesale cost equals margin, measure profit of each casket to the funeral director/ firm
Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team
3 essentials of any pricing formula
reasonable profit, overhead cost, cost of merchandise
3 times markup
merchandise cost minus selling price equal gross margin
Unit pricing
oldest method of pricing
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