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Take a stand
Take a stand in the “issue” essay. Yoummist decide if you are for pr against the topic.

Issue essay
1. Read the entire topic and question at least once
2. Take a stand. Are you for or against the issue?
3.Support your claim.
4. Rank your supporting work.
5. Compose your essay using the template format.
6. Review your essay

Issue Essay Template
Paragraph 1: The issue of….is a controversial one. Some believe that… Others believe that… After careful thought, i feel that…

Paragraph 2: One reason for this belief is that…

Paragraph 3: Another reason for this belief is that…

Paragraph 4: The best reason for this belief is…

Paragraph 5: In the final analysis…

The Experience Essay
1. Read the entire topic and question at least once.

2. Choose a topic.

3. Develop your story.

4. Answer a readers questions: Who? How long? Why? What were your emotions? Effects of the event? How has the event changed you?

5. Compose your essay

6. Review your essay

Experience Essay Template 1
Paragraph 1: Intro and Thesis

Paragraph 2: Describe the event

Paragraph 3: Describe the immediate effects of the event.

Paragraph 4: Describe the long term effects of the event.

Paragraph 5: Conclusion

Experience Essay Template 2
Paragraph 1: Intro and thesis

Paragraph 2: Describe any background info/evebts leading up to your experience.

Paragraph 3: Describe the choices you felt you needed to make.

Paragraph 4: Describe the results of your actions.

Paragraph 5: Conclusion

Tip 1
Some essay prompts contain more than one question. Be sure your essay answers all of the questions.

“I think”, big words, redundancy, and the ugly essay.

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