_____ is a strategy of investing in a wide variety of securities in order to reduce risk.
Financial diversification
In order to access stock information for a particular corporation on a financial website, you normally type in the corporation’s _____.
stock symbol
A product has three product layers. They are the:
core benefit, actual product, and augmented product.
The marketing of raw materials primarily emphasizes:
price and service.
A product _____ is a group of products that are closely related to each other, in terms of either how they work or the customers they serve.
Value is the relationship between the _____ of a good or service and the benefits that it offers its customers.
Which of the following statements is a characteristic of entrepreneurs?
They create benefits for others while seeking profit for themselves.
Which of the following was a negative effect of the entrepreneurship era?
Powerful businesses exploited their ability to manipulate prices and exploit workers.
During the_____, businesses began to develop brands to help customers understand the difference among various products.
marketing era.
Islane college has contracted a construction company to build a new bookstore. The heavy machinery and equipment that the contractor will use in the construction process are classified as:
Timber, water, coal deposits, and solar energy are classified as:
natural resources.
The stock market, housing foreclosures, and unemployment rates are all part of an organization’s _____ environment.
A tariff is a:
tax on imports
India and the Philippines consistently attract sizable amounts of foreign investment for services performed in the domestic market and sold internationally. The main reason for this foreign interest is that:
they have large numbers of highly educated workers who are paid much less than American workers.
The balance of trade is:
a measure of the difference between a nation’s exports and imports.
In the late 1970s, LarceCo, a tea seller, entered the Russian marketplace. LarceCo traded tea products for Russian-made vodka because of the lack of a tradable currency in the Soviet Union. This is an example of _____.
Which of the following is a difference between outsourcing and importing?
Importing is when a firm buys foreign products that have already been produced, and outsourcing is when a firm contracts with foreign vendors to produce products.
As the chief of strategy for Paradyme Software, Bill Fence has decided that the risks of software piracy in Indonesia are too high to justify a continued presence in that country. He feels that the nation’s laws are not sufficiently strict. Bill Fence is unhappy with the _____ in Indonesia.
political climate
The purpose of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) was to:
encourage worldwide trade.
Trading blocs are groups of countries:
that have reduced or eliminated tariffs allowing for the free flow of goods among the member nations.

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