Business To Consumer And All Types Of Business Essay Example
Business To Consumer And All Types Of Business Essay Example

Business To Consumer And All Types Of Business Essay Example

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FedEx works all over the world and has lots of diversity with in there company. They work with everyday men and women “business to consumer” and all types of businesses as well “business to business. ” FedEx started out their business as an over night package delivery company but has expanded its efforts into eight divisions: FedEx Express, FedEx Trade Networks, FedEx Supply Chain, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Office, and FedEx Services. FedEx Express is known as the worlds largest express transportation company.

Providing the service of fast delivery to all addresses with in the United States. They are now also serving over 220 other countries worldwide. They use what they call a global air-and-ground network to help speed delivery of people’s time-sensitive shipments in what they hope to be a one to two business day transaction. They anchor down this process with a FedEx delive


ry time grantee. FedEx Supply Chain works with FedEx Express to organize global transportation and information networking so that you can personalize your information in a more effective and efficient method.

They offer some tools to help in this process like FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics, FedEx Transportation Management, FedEx Fulfillment Services, cold chain solutions, cross docking and dock services. Also working with FedEx Express is FedEx Trade Networks they help make international shipping for all customers of any size easier. They do this by producing flexible end-to-end services including global cargo distribution, custom brokerage, and trade facilitation solutions. FedEx Ground focuses on cost-effective, small-package shipping.

Which entails deliveries for business-to-business and residential service using FedEx Home Delivery and also FedEx SmartPost. FedEx SmartPost works with FedEx Ground to deliver

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packages from businesses to consumers specifically, these include e-tailers and catalog companies. They specialize in low-weight, less time sensitive packages, and use the U. S. Postal Service in the final delivery to residences. FedEx freight has full state coverage all over the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. They also have international services to Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Puerto Rico, Asia and Europe.

FedEx Custom Critical works with FedEx Freight in delivering door-to-door same-day and also next-day delivery of your most urgent freight. Including valuable items and hazardous goods like chemicals. It is a 24/7 service using ground and air travels if needed as an option. FedEx Office, which was called FedEx Kinko’s, provides help with printing and shipping when and where you may need it. Some of their services include copying and digital printing, document creations, signs and graphs, direct mail, Internet access, professional finishing, computer rental and, FedEx Ground and FedEx Express shipping services.

They also offer an at home or office online printing solution for personal and business printing. FedEx Office involves work with FedEx Services a customer information service, which is a division of FedEx Corporate Services, Inc. This subsidiary of FedEx is in control of aligning customer contact centers, worldwide revenue operations, claims, trace and package engineering within the FedEx’s professional services company. One of their mottoes is “FedEx was founded on a people first philosophy where respect for all people is a fundamental value and everyday business practice” (http://about. edex. designcdt. com). This is an important part of their mission; FedEx takes pride in involving all people including employees, individual users of the company, businesses, and the

communities surrounding them. FedEx was been successful as a company in doing this. They work towards achieving excellence in all aspects of the business. Taking full advantage of everything that comes their way. Employees practice these strategies with smiles on their faces, striving towards being the best in producing remarkably efficient and very effective work when delivering service.

They receive quality training and are compensated accordingly. This helps in keeping them happy and is critical in the success of the company as a hole. FedEx uses this tactic of satisfied workers to be one up on the competition. Which has worked well for them, they have been ranked on the fortune 100 best companies to work for list more than once (www. fortune. com/bestcompanies). Individual users of the company including everyday customers and shareholders prefer to use FedEx because they take the initiative to care for their customers.

FedEx was ranked number one among all companies that where rated by the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction index. They are now working towards global expansion to connect all users of the company worldwide as well. FedEx expresses their dedication to shareholders by producing organized information about their own company and competitor’s information too. This shows how honest and loyal the company is to their customers, as they are willing to share most all of the companies information to the shareholders and the public.

All types of businesses use FedEx for a multitude of reasons. For example (look at Katie’s dads company to finish this paragraph) FedEx is involved with each and every community that they work in and provide for and not just in an effort to win

over customers. That comes naturally by their “people first philosophy”. FedEx helps and has helped with things like disaster relief, charities, and education. For an example FedEx is a corporate sponsor for the March of Dimes. Working with them to educate about premature births.

Supporting them with corporate-giving programs and volunteering in the march. Some other organizations they work with are American Red Cross, Junior Achievement, and Safe Kids Worldwide just to name a few. FedEx is always coming up with new innovations they even consider it part of their strategic business plan. They pride them selves on being the first and the best at everything they do. One thing that they have been looking into is their carbon footprint on the world. It has become apparent that the entire world needs to start thinking about our earth’s future.

FedEx has started the expansion of using alternative energy sources, minimizing the generation of waste by using pollution prevention and recycling, and making in all around effort to integrate environmental responsibility into their everyday business operations. An Example of their efforts is the use of their fleet of commercial hybrid trucks which is still growing. Since going green has become so important to the entire world we have come up with a proposal that involves just that for FedEx. It would be for their heavy users that send packages on a regular basis.

The plan entails an assortment of packages and envelopes that would come as a set. They would be made of 100% recycled materials and they would be completely reusable. The idea is that companies who persistently send things back and forth to each other would never

have to waste another box or envelope again. The envelopes would have zippers on them and the boxes would have snaps that keep them closed tight. This way there would be no need for messy tape. Each package would have a bar code devise used to monitor them.

Each user of the product will have a special email account were they can look up any and all information about their packages that are out. This will not only keep the users up to date on their shipments, but it will speed up the shipping process. The users who receive the packages will feel obligated to quickly return them since the actual boxes belong to someone else and their being monitored. FedEx could not only profit on this idea but it is a big step in the right direction for the environment and our world.

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