Business Marketing Chapter 17

Which form of marketing involves engaging directly with carefully targeted individual consumers and customer communities to both obtain an immediate response and build lasting customer​ relationships?
Direct and digital marketing
The fastest growing form of marketing is​ __________.
direct and digital marketing
Buyers have increased their use of direct and digital marketing because they are​ __________.
easy, convenient, and private
Which of the following correctly identifies what direct and digital marketing offer​ sellers?
inexpensive, efficient and fast
Digital marketing can link brands to important moments in​ customer’s lives. This aspect of digital marketing is called​ __________.
real–time marketing
Which of the following correctly identifies forms of digital direct​ marketing?
online marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing
Many company websites are now designed to do more than just sell product. These​ websites, known as​ __________ websites, attempt to build closer customer relationships and generate engagement with and between the brand and its customers.
brand community
What are the two main forms of online​ advertising?
display ads and search-related ads
To avoid being intrusive and​ annoying, most legitimate email marketers practice​ __________, which means sending email pitches only to customers who​ “opt in.”
permission based email marketing
What is the digital version of​ word-of-mouth marketing?
viral marketing
One drawback to viral marketing is that​ __________.
marketers cannot control where users pass along the message
Which of the following is a potential disadvantage to using blogs for​ marketing?
blogs are a user-controlled medium
What is meant by the term​ “the Internet of​ Things” (IoT)?
That everyone and everything may soon be connected digitally
A marketing website should be easy to use and visually appealing. To be​ effective, these websites must also be​ __________.
According to the​ text, what can be the ultimate direct marketing​ medium, assuming it is used​ correctly?
Which of the following would represent a niche online social networking​ site?
Social media is ideal for starting and participating in customer conversations and listening to customer feedback. This is because social media is​ __________.
Which of the following is a challenge to marketers regarding their use of social​ media?
social networks are largely user controlled
Which of the following would be best suited for marketers to engage customers anywhere and at any time during the buying and​ relationship-building processes?
mobile marketing
Which of the following statements regarding mobile marketing is​ correct?
smartphones can be very useful in shopping situations
Direct mail is well suited for which of the​ following?
direct, one-to-one communications
Many consumers today rent DVDs from a vending machine called Redbox that can be found in retail stores and other locations. Redbox is which type of direct marketing​ tool?
Which of the following statements regarding catalog marketing is​ correct?
Printed catalogs can drive online and mobile sales
Consumers may receive an​ email, supposedly from their bank or credit card​ company, saying that their​ account’s security has been compromised. The sender asks them to log on to a provided web address and confirm their account and other personal information and then steals this private information. This is a fraudulent practice called​ __________.
According to the​ text, what is the toughest public policy issue now confronting the direct marketing​ industry?
Invasion of privacy

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