Business Exam 2-Ch 9

Many companies have improved compensation and benefits packages as a means of increasing employee

sophia wants to be warm, but she is not; she has a ___ and may be motivated to satisfy it

human relations is concerned with all of the following except

human relations is important in business primarily because
it affects worker morale and productivity

poor morale is likely to cause

high morale is likely to result in
employee loyalty

to achieve organizational objectives, employees must have the ability, tools, and which of the following to perform their jobs?

frederick taylor and other early twentieth-century management theorists believed which of the following would motivate employees to work hard?
satisfactory pay

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the birth of the study of human relations can be traced to
time and motion studies conducted by taylor and the gilbreths.

while trying to determine the effects of lighting and noise on workers’ productivity, which of the following found that social and psychological factors could significantly affect productivity?
elton mayo

The Hawthorne Studies were important because they
introduced the idea that social and psychological factors affect productivity and morale.

what did the hawthorne studies reveal?
that managers who understand the needs, beliefs and expectations of people will have the greatest success motivating workers

achievement, recognition, involvement, responsibility and advancement are all examples of herzbergs___factors.

who ranked people’s five basic needs in order of importance?
abraham maslow

maslow’s hierarchy illustrates
the order in which people strive to satisfy their needs.

based on maslow’s hierarchy, a homeless person will most likely work toward fulfilling which of the following needs?

according to maslow, an employee who goes to night school to get a college degree to minimize the chance of being laid off during a recession is motivated to fulfill which of the following needs?

If a department store contest promises that the employee with the highest sales will be treated to dinner by the store manager, the store is helping its employees fulfill which of the following needs?

according to maslow, living life to the fullest is most closely associated with fulfilling this need:

according to herzbergs two-factor theory, all of the following represent hygiene factors except

when explaining employee motivation through herzbergs two-factor theory, all of the following represent motivational factors except

the person primarily associated with the hawthorne studies was
elton mayo

theories x and y are most closely associated with
douglas mcgregor

jacob believes that he can get some extra work completed before the deadline by withholding his workers’ vacation schedules until the job is completed. Jacob could be described as
a theory x manager, according to mcgregor

according to mcgregor’s theory x
most workers must be coerced to work

the approach which suggests that imagination, ingenuity, and creativity can help solve organizational problems is
theory y

susan called her work group together and presented a problem to them: they need to accomplish some extra work in less time than usual. Her employees suggest a plan for handling the situation, and she accepts it. According to McGregor’s Theory, Mary could be described as
a theory y manager

the person primarily associated with Theory Z is
William Ouchi

Janet learned that, although she and Juanita were both hired as part time salesclerks at the same time and have similar backgrounds, juanita is paid $1 more per hour. Janet decided to stop cleaning dressing rooms on her shift because she thinks this is unfair. This is an example of which theory?
Equity theory

Jimmy has learned that his company is offering a Hawaiian vacation to its best salesman. He almost won last year and really wants the trip. He is working very hard because he thinks he has a good chance to win. This exemplifies which theory?
Expectancy theory

Every time Eliot broke the department production record, Judah hung a gold banner from Eliot’ machine and bought him lunch. This illustrates
behavior modification techniques

job rotation attempts to reduce the boredom created by specialization of tasks by
giving workers a variety of tasks to do, moving from one to the other on a regular basis.

which of the following adds tasks to a job instead of treating each task as a separate job?
job enlargement

a work system that allows employees to choose their starting and ending times as long as they are at work during a specified core period is called

a compressed workweek is
a four-day or shorter period in which employees work 40 hours

allowing one employee to work in a position from 8:00am to 12:00pm and another employee to work in the same position from 1:00pm to 5:00pm is called
job sharing

flextime is associated with a number of unexpected consequences. One of the major ones is
more physical activity and better sleeping habits

allowing some employees work at home part time is
a flexible scheduling strategy

which of the following is not flexible scheduling strategy
job enrichment

according to maslow, living life to the fullest is most closely associated with fulfilling this need

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