Business Chapter 15

A _________ is a marketing intermediary that sells products to other organizations.
__________ warehouses are used to gather and redistribute products.
Retailers who have stores at convenient locations are trying to add value by:
providing place utility
One thing that franchise systems, wholesaler-sponsored chains and retail cooperatives have in common is that they are all:
forms of contractual distribution systems.
Which of the following statements about wholesaler-sponsored chains is most accurate? In a wholesaler-sponsored chain all stores:
are independently owned, but cooperate as a unified system of stores
The two basic types of merchant wholesalers are:
full-service wholesalers and limited-function wholesalers
_____________ shipping is the term used when truck trailers are transported on rail flatcars.
The part of logistics that is most concerned with the flow of goods as well as work in process within the manufacturing firm is:
materials handling
In a(n) __________ distribution system the producer manages all of the marketing functions at the retail level.
Which of the following would be classified as a limited-function wholesaler?
Autunes stocks shelves in drugstores and supermarkets with audio CDs and cassettes of “golden oldies” from the 70s and 80s, which it sells on consignment.
Taken together, all of the organizations that move goods from the sources of raw materials to ultimate consumers is known as a:
supply chain
A firm that wants to distribute its products as widely in a market as possible would use a(n) ___________ distribution strategy.
The types of utility commonly provided by marketing intermediaries include:
time, place, possession, information, and service.
The primary difference between retailers and wholesalers is that:
retailers sell to final consumers, while wholesalers sell to other organizations, such as retailers or manufacturers.
Limited-function wholesalers that mainly serve small businesses by selling them a limited assortment of goods are known as:
cash-and-carry wholesalers
A(n) ____________ consists of the marketing intermediaries that transport and store goods as they move through their path from producer to final user.
channel of distribution
The two basic types of warehouses are:
storage and distribution
Which of the following is an example of a consumer making a purchase through a direct marketing arrangement?
Purchasing a book on the history of the United States by sending in an order form attached to a pamphlet sent to the customer by the publisher
In the terminology of multilevel marketing, which of the following statements about the relationship between upliners and downliners is most accurate? In multilevel marketing,
upliners are salespeople who act as independent contractors, earning commissions on their own sales and also on the sales of downliners, who are additional salespeople that they recruit
_________ involves planning, implementing, and controlling the physical flow of materials, final goods, and related information from points of origin to points of consumption to meet customer requirements at a profit.
__________ warehouses are used to hold products for a relatively long time.
In the terminology of multilevel marketing, downliners:
are salespeople who have been recruited by other salespeople known as upliners to market the product
Which of the following would be the best example of a broker?
Jill Moon helps buyers and sellers of used heavy construction equipment negotiate the terms and conditions of their transactions, but does not actually take title to any of the equipment, nor does she develop long-term relationships with the buyers or sellers
Mall owners like to have __________ located along the walkways of their malls, because they create a marketplace type of atmosphere.
A(n) ___________ distribution strategy distributes a product through only a preferred group of retailers in a given area.
Direct mail, telemarketing, and catalog sales are all common examples of:
direct marketing
A(n) __________ sells general merchandise directly from the manufacturer at a discount; items may be discontinued or have certain product flaws.
outlet store
Discount stores, supermarkets, and department stores are all common types of:
retail stores
In a(n) __________, independently owned and managed stores sign an agreement to use the same name, participate in chain promotions, and cooperate as a unified system.
wholesaler-sponsored chain
Marketing intermediaries:
add value that exceeds the cost of their services.

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