bus 103 ch 4

Making a list of keywords and using those keywords throughout the social media campaign can help marketers to guide users to the right place on the media platform.
Marketers often use blog postings to educate consumers and business customers about new products.
Sports celebrities and actors use social media marketing to create a positive public image.
Communities created by social media help steer consumers toward new brands and products.
All companies follow a standard format for social media marketing plans.
Which of the following types of social media platforms allow their users to create an online profile of biographical data including photos and information such as employment, education, and relationship status, and to invite friends to join their circle?
Social networking sites
A(n) _____ is a social media platform where users post messages and hold conversations on specified topics.
online forum
Which of the following refers to a platform where a host or writer posts information or opinions on various topics and followers may respond?
online forum
A blog posting, such as a Tweet, that contains only a few words is called a(n) _____.
Which of the following is a unique feature of social media marketing?
It creates ways for customers to engage in conversations with each other and the organization.
A social media marketing plan is important because:
it documents in writing the company’s goals and strategies for the SMM initiative
Which of the following sections of a social media marketing plan covers the statements of goals and strategies, target audience, budget and the returns as well as the methods for monitoring, measuring, and managing the marketing campaign?
The body of the plan
Which of the following is the most essential requirement for developing the best strategies for a social media marketing campaign?
A thorough understanding of the target audience
While developing a social media marketing campaign, marketers can make it easy for potential customers to participate in the conversation by:
creating a specific landing page for the marketing campaign
_____ involves creating and distributing relevant and targeted material to attract and engage an audience, with the goal of driving them to a desired action.
Content marketing
The content for a social media marketing campaign is said to be effective if it:
has a strong brand focus.
The rules of engagement for social media are meant to:
make the exchange between marketers and their target audience a positive one.
Crowdtrail is a tool used by marketers to evaluate their social media presence by tracking and evaluating users’ influence across various virtual communities. It provides information regarding the number of clicks on a company’s website and also helps in measuring the total reach, frequency, engagement, and other factors. Crowdtrail is an example of a _____.
social media analytics tool
Sharon Rice is part of a team that handles the social media marketing campaign of a company. She is responsible for managing external engagement with customers in social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and other blogging sites. Sharon can be regarded as a(n) _____.
online community manager
elements of the marketing mix within an environmental framework
reducing consumer demand for a good or service to a level that the firm can supply.
social force in the environment that aids the products the consumer by exerting legal, moral, and economics pressures on business and gov
socio-cultural environment
component of the marketing environment consisting of the relationship between the marketer, society and culture
Post of information or opinion on various topics and followers may respond.
Social media
Online communication to exchange information, ideas, messages, and other content, such as videos or music.
Purchased or free software downloaded that links users to a wide range of goods and services
Consumer behavior
Consumers rely on the communities created social media for their buying decisions.
Rules of engagement
Meant to make the exchange a positive one for all parties.
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