Book of galatians Essay Example
Book of galatians Essay Example

Book of galatians Essay Example

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  • Published: October 2, 2017
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The Book of Galatians extremely believed to be written by Apostle Paul was written in its original signifier as instructions to the Christians in southern Galatia, which was a Roman state in what is now Turkey. Galatia was the country where on his first missional journey Paul established the folds in Pisidia Antioch, Iconium, Lystra, and Derbe.

Although there have been several other books written by bible bookmans likewise on Paul's missive to the Galatians but that of Ralph Martin and Julie Wu under reappraisal is by normal standard one of the best annotated books of apprehension.

The book is expressed and clear in its lineation with the usage of interesting images and boxes to foreground points in a really concise mode, the coloring material combination is attractive and makes the book entreaty to reading and acquis



Writing and day of the month

Paul was attributed to hold written no fewer than 13 epistles in the New Testament. Out of this 13, seven are about universally accepted, three are considered in some academic circles as other than Pauline for textual and grammatical grounds, and the other three are in difference in those same circles.

It was gathered that Paul composing documented today in the book of Galatians was a command through a secretary ( or stenographer ) , who would normally rephrase the effect of his message, as was the pattern among first-century Scribes.

It was besides gathered that the message in the book of Galatians was foremost circulated among the Christians, where they were read aloud by members of the church along with other plants. That was why some bible bookmans regard Paul 's epistles which was said to hol

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been written between 50-62 to be one of the earliest-written books, if non the first written book of the New Testament as they were cited around c. 96 by Clement of Rome.

It must be emphasised that this missive which was mostly traceable to Paul was portion of the intensive trips/missions to the E and West of the Aegean Sea…during which he concentrated in the sequence of the states of Galatia, Macedona, Achaia and Asia

Although, bookmans have non agreed on a specific day of the month because the exact twelvemonth is hard to find, but some placed the day of the month of Paul 's composing his missive to the Galatians between 48 to 52 AD.

To some bookmans the day of the month was a clip when Paul 's authorship was put before the Jerusalem Council. Harmonizing to so, the stuffs before the Council dealt with the issue of Circumcision and the Law of Moses and whether such issue is relevant in position of the New Testament instructions.

The statement here is that Paul 's missive to the Galatians did non advert the Jerusalem Council and that if the council had met before the day of the month of Paul 's composing his missive, Paul would hold mentioned the determinations of the apostolic council in Jerusalem. Before of this premise, bookmans believed Paul must hold written this missive to the Galatians before the Jerusalem Council, which was about 48 to 49 AD.

Expectedly, there is another group of bookmans who argued that Paul 's Galatian missive should be dated at a day of the month after the Jerusalem Council. Harmonizing to this group, Paul began his 2nd missional

journey after the Council had met. This group cited Acts 16:4 where it was recorded that Paul revisited the churches of Galatia to present the determinations reached by the apostles and seniors in the Jerusalem Council. They besides argued that it was after this day of the month that Paul went to Greece to learn for near to two old ages while on his 2nd missional journey, this would put the day of the month of its being written around 52 AD.


Galatian 's intent was chiefly to decide the difference among churches in Galatians. During Paul 's mission in Corinth, false instructors were turn overing the determination of the Jerusalem Council by claiming that the Gentile Christians must be circumcised harmonizing to the Law of Moses to be saved. To seek to settle the affair, Paul wrote his missive to the Galatians from Corinth, where he was unable to go forth his missional work at the clip. In other words, Paul wrote his missive to Galatians while in Corinth.

Another intent is for Paul to counter the Judaizer position. Paul was peculiarly interested in rebuting the false instructors spread by false instructors and to remind the Galatians of the roots of their religion. The three issues environing false instruction Paul was seeking to undertake include:

  • That Paul was non a true apostle and did non hold the full backup of the church in Jerusalem and that they ( the false instructors ) are the true apostle accredited by James ;
  • That piece Paul brought the Galatians the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he had failed to give them the full undiluted Gospel and that ;
  • Without attachment to the Judaic

Law, the church would hold no ethical guidelines and would fall into immorality.


The book of Galatians has 6 Chapters, and was written in polemical manner and tone, yet with a clear rhetorical construction and deep idyll concern for the readers, to implement the duplicate subjects of religion and freedom ( 9 ) .

The book is carefully structured into five distinguishable parts. The first portion contained salutations and debut ( Galatians 1:1-10 ) . The 2nd portion ( Galatians 1:11-2:21 ) was used to support Paul apostolic ministry of the pure Gospel as against the false instructors.

The 3rd portion was used to support the Gospel of justification and redemption by grace and faith entirely ( Galatians 3:1-4:31 ) while the 4th portion was dedicated to supporting the freedom Christians have to love one another and unrecorded by the Spirit. Galatians 5:1-6:10. The last portion includes decision and summing up ( Galatians 6:11-18 ) .


This work has been to reexamine Paul 's letters to the Galatians at the clip the false Prophetss and instructors were distributing bogus advocates and unorthodoxies about Paul and his instructions. The book was structurally crafted to handle the intent and purpose of Paul in a really clear mode. Paul 's Galatians is regarded as his really first epistle in the New Testament.

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