Biopsychology: Modules 5-10 & 18-20

The somatic nervous system is a component of the __________ nervous system.

The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems work together to keep you in a steady internal state called:

Messages are transmitted from your spinal cord to your heart muscles by the:
Autonomic nervous system

The knee-jerk reflex is controlled by interneurons in the:
Spinal cord

An undersupply of serotonin is most clearly linked to:

Which brain structure receives information from all the senses except smell?

Along with the basal ganglia, the _________ enables nonverbal learning and skill memory.

Severing a cat’s reticular formation form higher brain regions causes the cat to:
Lapse into a coma

The amygdala consists of emotion-linked neural clusters in the:
Limbic system

S. M. is a patient who has been called “the woman with no fear,” even of being threatened with a gun. Her fearlessness is best attributed to damage to her:

Auditory stimulation is processed in the __________ lobes.

The capacity of a brain area to recognize in response to damage is known as:

The occipital lobes are to ________ as the temporal lobes are to ___________.
Seeing; hearing

The ability to simultaneously copy different figures with the right and left hand is most characteristic of those whose ___________ has been cut.
Corpus callosum

Damage to the left cerebral hemisphere is most likely to reduce people’s ability to:
Solve arithmetic problems

After gazing at an angry face, you immediately turn to look at a morphed blend of an angry and a scared face. The face appears scared to you. This best illustrates the impact of:
Sensory adaptation

People’s response to subliminal priming indicates that:
They are capable of processing information without any conscious awareness of doing so.

Bottom-up processing involves analysis that begins with the:
Sensory receptors

After listening to your high-volume car stereo for 15 minutes, you fail to realize how loudly the music is blasting. This best illustrates:
Sensory adaptation

Normal visual sensation in this absence of complete visual perception is best illustrated by:

Humans experience the longest visible electromagnetic waves as the color ____________ and the shortest visible waves as ___________.
Red; blue-violet

Visually perceiving words as distinct from the surrounding white paper on which they are printed best illustrates:
Figure-ground perception

The colored muscle that constricts when you feel disgust or enter a dark room is the:

Evidence that some cones are especially sensitive to red light, others to green light, and still others to blue light most directly supportive of:
The Young-Helmholtz theory

The axons of ganglion cells converge to form:
The optic nerve

Place theory suggests that:
The pitch we hear is related to the place where the cochlea’s basilar membrane is stimulated

As a rock musician who has experienced prolonged exposure to high-amplitude sounds, Rodney is beginning to lose his hearing. It is most likely that this hearing loss involves problems in the:

The volley principle is most directly relevant to our perception of:

Sensory receptor cells that project antenna-like hairs are located within:
Taste buds

Andre claims that he can make a broken watch begin to run again simply by entering a state of intense mental concentration. Andre is claiming to possess the power of:

The pop-out phenomenon illustrates that some stimuli almost inevitably trigger:
Selective attention

Compared with parallel processing, sequential processing tends to be _________ conscious and better for solving ___________ problems.
More; novel

The interdisciplinary study of the linkages between brain activity and mental processes is known as:
Cognitive neuroscience

Focusing conscious awareness on a particular stimulus is called:
Selective attention

One study simultaneously delivered a recording of men talking in participants’ one ear and a recording of women talking in participants’ other ear. When participants were assigned to pay attention to the women, 70 percent failed to hear one of the men repeatedly say “I’m a gorilla.” This failure best illustrated:
Inattentional deafness

Compared with evening-loving “night owls,” those who are morning types tend to perform ___________ in school and tend to be __________ vulnerable to depression.
Better; less

People who regularly sleep less than normal experience an _________ risk depression and an __________ risk of gaining weight.
Increased; increased

According to Freud, the dreams of adults can be traced back to:
Erotic wishes

Research on sleep and dreaming confirms that:
The brain’s auditory cortex responds to sound stimuli even during sleep

Increased activity in the __________ during REM sleep may best explain why dream images are often accompanied by a strong emotional tone.

Kevin is preoccupied with gambling, and his persistent urges to gamble are so strong that he continues even after losing large sums of money. Kevin most clearly shows signs of:

Suspiciousness, convulsions, and cardiac arrest are aversive reactions most closely associated with the use of:

Depressants are drugs such as:
Barbiturates and opiates

Repeated use of an opiate:
Decreases the brain’s productions of endorphins

16-year-old Bethany is becoming increasingly concerned about her use of marijuana on weekends. To reduce her use of this drug Bethany should:
Stop associating with friends who use marijuana

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