biology 15 non vocab

In what way did the voyage of the Beagle provide Darwin with an
ideal opportunity for collecting and analyzing data?
Darwin was able to make observations and collect specimens from many different places.

What observations did
Charles Darwin make about
finches in the Galápagos
Different species of
finches lived on different

Natural selection results in
change overtime by acting
on traits that are

The study of embryological similarities and difference among species is called
B. comparative embryology

Natural selection causes changes in populations of organisms, not individual organisms, because
differential reproductive success caused by genetic variation is necessary for the process of natural selection.

Comparative biochemistry is the study of similarities and differences in _______ among organisms.
B. DNA sequence

Which of the following best explains the variety of beaks found in finches
on the Galápagos Island?
Evolution through natural selection can increase the species diversity of an ecosystem.

Which of the following is best defined as the transfer of genetic information from one population to another?
Gene flow

Scientists classify organisms based on what?
II. Structural likeness
III. Similarities in DNA sequence
IV. Similarities in embryonic stages of development

In order to be classified in the same species, a group of organisms must be able to
Interbreed and produce fertile offspring.

The amino acid coded by specific codons
B. are almost universal among all living things.

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