Beowulf Themes

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There were many themes that were used in Beowulf, but I’ll be touching on the themes of good vs.. Evil, bravery, and mothers instinct. Good vs.. Evil, that’s pretty much what the whole story of Beowulf is all ABA UT from the beginning to the end. You’ve got where Beowulf is fighting against Greened , G mother, and the dragon throughout the story, where of course Beowulf is the good, or can be referred to as the ‘hero”, and Greened, Grenade’s mother and the dragon is the evil, or can also be referred to as the villains. Beowulf is kind of the light figure that takes out t he darkness.

Bravery is a big theme because of Beowulf throughout the whole story. As f or example, Beowulf battle with Greened. Greened has been terrorizing Hoarder’s mead hall for a while and all of Hoarder’s warriors and any other heroes haven’t been able to harm Greened. Beowulf chose to fight Greened on his own with no weapons or armor and rip peed his arm off and sent him to his mother to die. Then again when Beowulf battles Grenade’s mother, Beowulf chose to fight alone because he knew that his warriors

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could not Sat ND against her without being harmed, and once again Beowulf kills the monster.

In Beowulf final battle against the dragon, Beowulf attempts to fight alone because the dragon might t cause more deaths of his men. During the battle, Beowulf strength and sword fail him an d Wigwag, the rightful heir to Beowulf legacy, comes and fights with Beowulf. Beowulf had to put his ego aside because he was close to death and he had to do the best for his people. Mother’s instinct, this theme comes into this story when Grenade’s arm got tore off by Beowulf and sent back to his mother to die.

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