Reward, reprimand, trust, and consistency.
The four essential aspects of successful training are…

According to Charles Darwin, what biological mechanism
allows members of the same species to respond appropriately
to various conditions in the natural world?

The process by which an animal becomes accustomed to its
situation is referred to as…

Positive reinforcement
What do we call an immediate pleasant occurrence that follows a behavior?

Fourteen weeks
Until approximately what age does the sensitive period last among dogs?

Breaking litter box training
The most commonly reported behavior problem in cats is…

The most common form of aggression seen in animal hospitals is…

The point of a reprimand is to _______ an animal.

Food and praise
What are considered the most effective types of reward?

The most effective way to minimize spraying is…

Unconditioned response
Automatic, or simple reflex, behavior is commonly referred to as…

Learning through trial and error is often referred to as _______ learning.

Fixed action patterns
Early researchers often referred to the predictable behaviors displayed by a particular
species as…

Biologists and veterinary specialists refer to the study of animal behavior as…

The aggression a dog shows when its owner tries to take its food bowl is called _______

Eight weeks
In cats, the sensitive socialization period lasts until approximately _______ of age.

Aversion therapy
What behavior modification technique is used to keep an animal away from an object or

Giving a behavioral exam
What must first be done before treating an animal for a behavioral problem?

Negative reinforcement
What do we call the act of taking something away to increase a behavior?

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