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12 yr old girl from the Dominican Republic, curious, brave, main character

dad of anita, strong, brave, helped kill El Jefe, secretive, friends with mr washburn, will do anything for his family

Tio Toni
captured and killed by the SIM, Anita’s uncle, liked partying

Anita’s mom, caring, loving, wants to keep Anita safe, emotional

Anita’s sister, very protective of her family, moves to the US, scared of being taken by El Jefe

Anita’s cousin, know it all, kissed Anita, annoying, asks lots of questions

son of mr washburn, curious, friendly, from america, handson,

house maid, wear nothing but purple, sleeps in coffin,misterous, odd

Mr, Washburn
head of US embassy, part if plan to kill El Jefe, Anita’s neighbor

El Truhillo (El Jefe)
ruler of the SIM, rapest, El Jefe, crazy, power hungry

WHere does the story take place
dominican republic

when does the story take place

Who are the butterflies and what did they do
three sister who got murdered by the SIM and started a secret uprising against the gov

Why did Chucha sleep in a casket
she wants to prepare for the next life

Why does Chucha always wear purple
she made a promise

what object of Carla’s did Anita keep finding around her bedroom
dominican republic eraser

why is Tio Toni hiding
he did some bad stuff and was part of the plan to kill El Jefe

Who are the SIM
Secret Police right hand man for TRUJILLO assassians and do the dirty work for Trujillo

Why does Sam and his family come to live with the de la Torres
so the SIm would leave them alone

Why doesn’t the family trust the aid, Lorena
she went to spy school

How does Anita feel about all of the attention Sam gets at school?
jelous and wants him for herself

Why does Susie Washburn have a fifteenth birthday party instead of a sixteenth birthday party?
15th birthday is very inportant

Who is the surprise guest at Susie’s party?
El Jefe

Who sends flowers to Lucinda after Susie’s party?
flowers El Jefe

What does the saying “No flies fly into a closed mouth” mean?
the less said the better

Why does Mami ask Anita to stop writing in her diary at the beginning of the book?
so the SIM wouldn’t find it

What was the plan for Lucinda after she received flowers?
to go to the United States

What happened when Mr. Washburn got stopped by a police officer and the police officer saw the guns in his trunk?
he waved them pass

Where did the SIM find El Jefe’s body?
in the trunk of Papi’s truck

Who is Anita’s crush at the end of the book?

Where does Mundin go after their house is raided?
Italian Embassy

Where do Mami and Anita go into hiding?
Mancini’s house

What are the three rooms that Mami and Anita allowed to use when they are in hiding?
closet bedroom bathroom

Where do Mami and Anita go to when they come to the United States?

Who do Mami, Anita, and Mundin stay with in the United States right when they arrive?
the grandparents

What does the Queen of Hearts card represent?
love and communicating

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