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_____ is a measure of your ability to work with and adapt to people from other backgrounds.
Cultural intelligence
Steve, the CEO of a chocolate manufacturing company called Sweet Splash, intends to expand his business to Asia. To facilitate this expansion, he decides to transfer one of his more experienced managers to the targeted country. He wishes to pick a manager who displays high cultural intelligence. Which of the following managers fulfills this requirement?
Jordan, who works well with people from different backgrounds
While evaluating the various courses available at the University of Radcliffe, Marcie skips over the language brochures. She believes that learning a new language is unnecessary; English is considered the global business language and she speaks it fluently. Which of the following statements, if true, makes her decision a bad one?
Learning another culture’s language helps you understand its people better.
Outgroup homogeneity effect is the assumption that
members of other groups are all the same.
Which of the following statements about stereotyping is true?
Popular culture plays an important role in the formation of negative stereotypes.
Khadija is an international student who has mixed feelings about life in Riverside. The people are helpful and friendly, but they sometimes make unflattering and incorrect assumptions about her culture. The behavior of the people of Riverside is an example of which of the following concepts?
Which of the following statements is true of cultural dimensions?
Cultural dimensions are factors that help you understand a culture’s underlying goals and motivations.
_____ deal with the levels of independence and interdependence that people in a society possess and encourage.
Individualism and collectivism
_____ refers to a mind-set that values choice more than obligation.
Collectivists tend to
view themselves as interdependent, forming an identity based on that of their family and friends.
Which is most likely to happen in an egalitarian culture?
The company will award stock to employees so they can share in the ownership.
Which of the following is a feature of hierarchical cultures?
Leaders expect employees to comply with their decisions because of their authority.
In societies with low performance orientation, people
hold relationships to be more important than results.
High future orientation cultures
focus more on intrinsic motivation.
The cultural dimension that deals with the level of confrontation and directness considered appropriate and productive is called _____.
In a highly assertive culture, you would be likely to observe people
using competitive language when evaluating ideas.
_____ is the degree to which an organization or society encourages and rewards individuals for being fair, altruistic, friendly, generous, caring, and kind.
Humane orientation
Which behavior would you most likely see in a low humane orientation culture?
When people form new acquaintances, they avoid physical gestures of welcome.
Which of the following is characteristic of people from high uncertainty avoidance cultures?
They often stress orderliness and consistency, even if it means sacrificing experimentation and innovation.
People from low uncertainty avoidance cultures
prefer informality in most interpersonal business interactions.
In high gender egalitarianism cultures
men and women are encouraged to occupy the same professional roles.
_____ is the belief that your own culture is superior to all others.
Why is it important to learn about the customs and etiquette of Brazil, Russia, India, and China in particular?
They are expected to become important business markets.
Which topic should you avoid discussing in both Brazil and India?
What subjects are appropriate topics of conversation in both China and Russia?
culture and history

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