Banners Broker Pyramid Scam Going Down Rapidly

Hard times have come for the Banners Broker believers for a long time now, but now they are getting even harder and even the real believers start to “loose the faith”. Banners Broker is failing to pay all its members for over 8 months now, yet they are still pretending that all is fine in their regular webinars and brainwashing events. But it is really not that hard to see what is really going on.

You just have to look closer to their past actions, which clearly shows that they are doing all to limit the members earnings and the money that is going out. Also some other unpleasant surprises show what is going on. Let me remind you:

New panel (Investment Package)
New and more expensive membership
Forced compounding of profits
Forced minimum account balance to keep the account working
Cancelled debit card because of “constant negativity”
Scheduled limit of panels that can be qualified with Traffic Packs

The last idea from the so-called “mastermind” behind Banners Broker, Chris Smith, is a thing called “partial payouts”. Yes, you heard right. They are not paying withdrawal requests in full because they do not have enough money for that. The solution? They are just paying a part of every withdrawal request once per month. The purpose is obvious: Make the angry affiliates shut up and keep the promoters going in order to suck in more money from innocent victims.

The official explanation for the partial payouts is that they are waiting for some bank wires to arrive into their SolidTrustPay and Payza accounts. According to them it is really hard to transfer big amounts across the world and it takes some time. Oh really, does it? Two months for a money transfer? I really wonder how anyone can believe this. There are companies which transfer huge amounts on a daily basis. Strangely they have not any problems while doing so.

Ever worked with Google or any other big advertising network? They are paying out millions per month. No problems. Now why Banners Broker can not do it? Why they do not just pay out through bank transfers if they have the money on their bank accounts? Oh yeah, right! They can’t! They are not real, they are a Ponzi scheme and they just do not have all the funds they would need in order to clear all pending withdrawal requests.

While the situation with Banners Broker is getting more and more hilarious, big Ponzi pitchmen like Mark Stokes already start to jump off the sinking ship. They have already found the “next big thing” and start to promote their next Ponzi picks. Even if they do not believe all the said above, at least this should be a proof for all those cheerleaders out there, that Banners Broker is going down rapidly. Bookmakers should start to open bets for when Banners Broker will be suddenly gone or shut down by authorities. It can’t be a long time till then.

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