Balancing Penn Foster Studies with Work and Family Demands Essay Example
Balancing Penn Foster Studies with Work and Family Demands Essay Example

Balancing Penn Foster Studies with Work and Family Demands Essay Example

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  • Published: October 9, 2017
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My name is Julia and I am in my early mid-twentiess. and I would hold ne'er have imagined that I would one twenty-four hours be traveling back to school to gain my college grade. My female parent and fiance encouraged me to prosecute it. because of my love of art and speaking to people. selling and public dealingss and that it would be really expensive since I wanted to travel to college in America but could non afford it at the clip. They were really supportive from the start ; my fiance helping me in composing notes on flash cards and giving me pop quizzes and my ma reminding me to finish prep assignments when I was busy making family jobs. To me. my life was traveling great as I advanced farther toward my hereafter ends. Everything that glisters isn’t gold. I’ve learnt. My occupation as a Procurement Assistant became excessively demanding since the Procurement Manager left for a much better paying occupation. So I had to play both functions of Procurement Manager and Procurement Assistant as the managers hadn’t found a replacing yet and brought place supernumerary work from the office. This left me no clip for my surveies.

Fortunately my managers saw how stressed out I was with executing the responsibilities of two places and promoted me to Procurement Manager and had gotten me a competent and understanding Procurement Assistant who I trained to take over my work load when I was finishing my coursework or analyzing for s


crutinies so that my eventides were free. As if work wasn’t plenty. I had to cover with my household and my fiance . In the eventides. I had to make the family jobs because my female parent was taking attention of my sallow grandma and I had to run to make food markets. pay the measures and guarantee my babe brother did his prep assignments and take him up in his alteration as it was close to exams. Plus I had to cook dinner and since my step-father was off at his security occupation.

If that weren’t plenty. my fiance and I bought a little condominium after I went to supervise the work being done to by the dark workingmans because my fiance was in the Coast Guard and was working the whole hebdomad on patrol. When I returned place I was mentally and physically exhausted. I tried to analyze but it was no usage. With my female parent gone and my stepfather off at his occupation. my babe brother was rather the smattering. Finally when I had plenty. I spoke to my parents about the family jobs and they agreed that I was making a batch and decided that my female parent would take my babe brother with her to my grandmother’s ; even talked her into questioning nurses so she can manage buying the food markets and paying the measures. My stepfather would step in to see to the family chores before traveling to work. In the small trim clip I had to myself. I tried my best to finish all coursework required and tried to analyze for an approaching

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test. The twenty-four hours came when I thought myself to be good prepared for the test and decided to take it.

However. my fiance called me and said he was unable oversee the work that was being done that eventide ; so I took my laptop computing machine over to our condo and logged on. While I was mid-way through the test. one of the workingmans called me inquiring that I come and review a portion of the house program. While making so. one of the workingmans. being idle. fiddled with my laptop causation my test to be submitted and when I discovered I had failed the test. I had literally broke down. I was seeking my best to guarantee that I could get by with everything that was traveling on in my life but this was my bound. What was I seeking to carry through here? Two hebdomads. after that black event. I finally calmed down and called the school refering my test. Fortunately. they understood my state of affairs and told me that I should hold locked my computing machine when go forthing it unattended and I was able to recapture the test and I passed with a good class.

I sat down with my fiance and told him what happened and he instantly replaced the workingmans with a more responsible and reasonable group of work work forces and even acquire his brother to supervise the work being done to our condo. My fiance was given one-year leave so he is at place for a month and he is helping me with my surveies as before. Now that I had a program set in gesture that would assist ease my emphasis and give a peace of head ; I think that I would be able to carry through my end of gaining my grade in Business Management.

My advice to pupils and individuals who are sing returning to school to go on their instruction at the third degree is that when you have duties that need to be taken attention of you will necessitate to happen a manner to do everything work together ; sit with your parent or important other and make a hebdomadal contriver and jot down the duties that you are capable of managing and you are non capable of ; this manner you will non be stressed out. Besides there are events that we are unprepared that will take topographic point in life such as a loved one falling ailment with a terminal disease or an accident. You will necessitate to take excess care how you are to cover with these sorts of state of affairs. Always retrieve this is one of your ends to achieve your grade and don’t let anyone or anything get in the manner of your dreams!