Automobile and Aunt S House Essay Example
Automobile and Aunt S House Essay Example

Automobile and Aunt S House Essay Example

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  • Published: July 22, 2017
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My day begins with a leisurely walk at 7:00 AM, just two doors down.

Every morning, I joined my aunt and her son on our daily trip to her house. This routine had continued throughout the year. The sun's brightness hindered my vision, making me squint. However, a delightful cool breeze provided a refreshing touch to the warm weather. As birds sang harmoniously in the background, the pleasant scent of fresh dew on the grass filled my nostrils.

During my second grade in January, I happily enjoyed being young while savoring a breakfast consisting of cereal and cocoa milk.

Surrounded by the vibrant foliage of grass and trees, I found myself experiencing a sense of innocence and naivety. It created a deceptive image of a perfect world. When I reached my aunt's house, I observed her car delicately moving in reverse br


iefly before returning to its original position.

Unexpectedly, as I ascended the narrow and steep hill to reach my aunt's private road, I discovered that it was my cousin, who was merely four years my senior, driving the vehicle. This came as a surprise due to his blond hair and blue eyes.

Although I am intelligent, I was unable to understand the reason behind his decision to drive. When I questioned him, he disclosed that his mother had instructed him to start the car.

Due to my lack of maturity, I failed to recognize his clever evasion of the question. Upon exiting the car, he proposed that I attempt it myself. Despite expressing disinterest, he mocked me and asserted confidently that it was simple. Overwhelmed with anxiety, I reluctantly settled into the driver's seat and shut the door.

While leaning ou

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of the window, he seized control of the steering wheel and reversed the car. The car began to flip backwards, putting me in greater peril. Approaching a hill, he urgently directed me to apply the brakes. Overwhelmed by panic, I frantically searched for them, and before I knew it, we were on the hill. His cries grew more intense as he pleaded with me to hit the brakes, yet my incapacity remained unchanged.

Unexpectedly, I came across a pedal and pushed it with all my might. Nonetheless, the vehicle did not decelerate; instead, it gained speed. Consequently, a scream was audible, followed by a forceful collision and ensuing quietness.

Surrounded by silence, I struggled to make sense of what had just happened. My thoughts were in chaos, filled with a mixture of everything and nothing at the same time. Then, in an instant, my senses came rushing back. Something was not right - had there been an accident? I realized that I had hit my mouth against the steering wheel; the taste of leather remained on my tongue. Smoke started to fill the car, confirming that something was seriously amiss. And amidst all the confusion, I heard a scream.

While outside the car, my cousin observed me experiencing intense fear, similar to imminent death. I pleaded for someone to put an end to my life and sought help from God. It is unclear how exactly I left the car - whether by opening the door or somehow managing to escape with weak legs. Only when I looked up and saw my cousin did I realize that the screams were coming from me.

The sight was incredibly distressing, with his

body drenched in blood, and his screams and cries of agony filling the air. I could visibly see his leg bone, prompting me to continually scream and desperately beg for assistance.

Confused and disoriented, I found myself in my aunt's house after losing control of my legs and taking a fall. As I tried to make sense of what had happened, questions flooded my mind - did I simply trip and stumble? Furthermore, I couldn't help but wonder where my aunt was. In a state of panic, I called out for her repeatedly until she finally emerged, clad only in a towel. It was at that exact moment when the piercing scream reverberated once more.

While outside, I unexpectedly overheard my cousin expressing a wish to die. At the same time, I observed the blood that was scattered on the street and experienced discomfort in my mouth and head.

Crying, I was suddenly back at home and quickly glanced out the window. There were several police cars and ambulances scattered nearby, with my aunt's car parked across from her house.

My neighbour's front porch was smashed into, leaving me senseless. My heart stopped and there was nothing else after that.

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