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Workbook Civil Rights and Civil Liberties – Flashcards
25 Jul 2017 Flashcards

question The Fourth Amendment protects us from what kind of searches and seizures? answer unreasonable question Katz v. United States (phone booth) was decided in what year? answer 1967 question A search occurs when the police invade a space in which you have which of the following? answer both a subjective and objective expectation of […]

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English Test: the Pardoner’s Tale – Flashcards
19 May 2017 Flashcards

question What is Chaucer’s main reason for writing about the pilgrimage in the Prologue? answer to create a setting for telling stories by different characters question Use the strategy for analyzing difficult sentences to analyze the following lines from the Prologue. What was the purpose of the trip? It happened in that season that one […]

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Spanish Dates -Writing Practice – Flashcards
10 May 2017 Flashcards

question Saturday 3/27/1986 answer sábado el 27 de marzo del 1986. question Tuesday 1/1/2000 answer martes el primero de enero del 2000. question Thursday 11/18/1980 answer jueves el 18 de noviembre del 1980. question Wednesday 8/15/2000 answer miércoles el 15 de agosto del 2000 question Friday 2/14/1977 answer viernes el 14 de febrero del 1977. […]

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Penn Foster Drama – Flashcards
30 Apr 2017 Flashcards

question Regarding the nature of drama, which statement is false? answer Modern dramas, such as films, are not structured in the manner of stage plays question The craftsmen in the play speak in prose because answer that kind of common language symbolizes their status in life question In Act II, Scene 1, of A Midsummer […]

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Society and Media – Flashcards
20 Apr 2017 Flashcards

question What are 8 steps of thinking through a problem? answer 1. Purpose-the reason behind the writing 2. Question 3. Assumptions- something that is taken for granted a. assuming everyone gets job right out of college 4. Point of View. 5. Information 6. Theories and Concepts- relavent data 7. Conclusions- to what extent does data […]

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NorthStar 3 – Reading and Writing – Unit 5 – Word List – Flashcards
09 Apr 2017 Flashcards

question (noun) the qualities that give pleasure to the senses answer beauty question in the ocean or on the land near the coast ( the area where the land meets the water ) answer coastal question things that happen as a result of a particular action or situation answer consequences question (noun) one of the […]

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Chapter 12: Renaissance and Reformation – Flashcards
29 Mar 2017 Flashcards

question Dowry answer Money brought by a bride to her husband at marriage question Secular answer Worldly rather than spiritual question Urban Society answer Having the characteristics of the city or city life question Salvation answer Acceptance into heaven question Justification by faith answer Doctrine that held that a person can be deemed good because […]

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Essentials of Business Communication Chapter 9 – Flashcards
18 Mar 2017 Flashcards

question analytical reports answer Reports that provides data, analyses, and conclusions; may also provide recommendations and may intend to persuade readers to act or to change their beliefs question business report answer Systematic attempt to convey information, answer questions, and solve problems question credible answer Capable of being believed question digital format answer Format that […]

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Exam 3 Music – Flashcards
08 Mar 2017 Flashcards

question A Lied is an art song for solo voice and piano sung in _____. answer German question A song form in which the same melody is repeated for each stanza, often heard in popular music, is known as _____. answer strophic form question A song form that is composed from beginning to end without […]

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English Unit 1: VOCABULARY – Flashcards
28 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question Realistic writing emphasizes accuracy OF detail. answer Preposition. question Realism generally concerns ITSELF with common people. answer Pronoun. question A realistic novel IS neither moralistic nor preachy. answer Verb. question Realism became TRENDY in the nineteenth century. answer Adjective. question It may have started EARLIER with the writings of Defoe and Fielding. answer Adverb. […]

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Must practice regularly.
19 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question What is most needed to strengthen this statement? answer Facts and statements question Which visual aid would best enhance a speech about the popularity of sports around the world? answer a graph that shows the most-watched sports around the world question Which sentence best demonstrates the language required of an argumentative speech? answer To […]

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10 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question MANDATED ARMY WRITING STYLE answer Department of the Army writing will be clear, concise, and effective. Army correspondence must aid effective and efficient communication and decision making. Writing that is effective and efficient can be understood in a single rapid reading and is generally free of errors in grammar, mechanics, and usage. question EFFECTIVE […]

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Chapter 10: Bad-News Messages – Flashcards
01 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question How you deliver bad news strongly impacts your credibility. Perceived dishonestly can damage credibility. Honesty and openness are key. Trust and long-term success in business are built on honesty in bad news situations. It shows character on your part to tell people the truth, even when it’s hard on all parties involved. It shows […]

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Nutrients Minerals That Are Added To Soil To – Flashcards
17 Mar 2016 Flashcards

  question nutrients that plants absorb through their roots that assist in growth and development answer mineral question a mixture of substances containing minerals that are added to soil to help keep plants healthy answer fertilizer question The three minerals in fertilizers found in the largest amounts are known as answer macronutrients question The three […]

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Overview: Cellular Respiration Occurs in Three Main Stages – Flashcards
17 Mar 2016 Flashcards

question What are the three steps of cellular respiration? answer Glycolysis, Citric Acid Cycle, Oxidative Phosphorylation question Where does glycolysis occur? answer Glycolysis occurs in the cytoplasmic fluid of the cell, that is, outside the organelles. question How does glycolysis begin respiration? answer Glycolysis begins respiration by breaking glucose into two molecules of a three-carbon […]

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Spatial Perspective – Flashcards
17 Mar 2016 Flashcards

question Spatial Distribution answer Looking at how phenomena is distributed and organized in a place or region or globally. question Density answer The frequency in which a phenomenon occurs within a defined space. question Concentration answer How a phenomenon is spread throughout a region. (Dispersed or Clustered) question Concentration answer How a phenomenon is spread […]

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