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Standard 8 Test – Flashcards
04 May 2017 Flashcards

question What was the Monroe Doctrine? answer All foreign influence needs to stay out of the Western Hemisphere question Which were three of the main items included in the Missouri Compromise? answer Maine was admitted as a free state and Missouri as a slave state, the Louisiana Territory was divided at the 36-30 latitude, north […]

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news reporting and writing – Flashcards
23 Apr 2017 Flashcards

question convergent journalism is a new trend answer FALSE question today’s journalists do not have as many deadlines for preparing news as they used to answer FALSE question journalists need to monitor bloggers, tweets and other readers input to stay on top of breaking news answer TRUE question journalists today need to become comfortable with […]

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Ancient-Greece-Crossword – Flashcards
01 Apr 2017 Flashcards

question Ancient Greek marketplace answer Agora question Ancient Olympic event answer Wrestling question Home of the Minoans answer Knossos question Modern country of which Athens is capital answer Greece question Snack eaten in Greece answer Pomegranate question Famous temple to Athens on the Acropolis answer Parthenon question Column with two swirls at the top answer […]

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RVE Study Guide – Flashcards
21 Mar 2017 Flashcards

question Affix answer A morpheme or meaningful part of a word attached before or after a root or base word to modify its meaning; a category that includes prefixes and suffixes. question Alphabetic Principle answer The use of letters and letter combinations to represent phonemes in an orthography. question Automaticity answer Fluent performance without the […]

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Cricket Experiment, Scientific Method – Flashcards
11 Mar 2017 Flashcards

question Which step of the scientific method relies more heavily on newly collected data than on creativity and innovation? answer A. Drawing a conclusion. question A student completed a lab report. Which correctly describes the difference between the “Question” and “Hypothesis” sections of her report? answer B. “Question” states what she is asking, and “Hypothesis” […]

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MGT 4052 Ch 4 Practice – Flashcards
03 Mar 2017 Flashcards

question Which is probably true about building use cases? answer Analysts are involved. Users are involved. Major processes are analyzed. External or internal triggers are analyzed. question Which are true of use cases? answer They are formal ways of representing how a business system interacts with its environment. They illustrates the activities that are performed […]

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Mock Epic: from The R ape of the Lock – Flashcards
22 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question Alexander Pope’s purpose for writing The Rape of the Lock was to answer poke fun at the spoiled upper classes. question Which of the following statements best describes the point Pope makes in The Rape of the Lock? answer The rich have too much time on their hands and not enough to think about. […]

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Media Literacy, 21st-Century Skills, Grammar, and Writing Topic Test Notes – Flashcards
13 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question Checklist answer Source: “Before Beginning a FAFSA.” FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Federal Student Aid, US Department of Education, 26 Sept. 2010. Web. 2 Nov. 2010. What is the structure of this document? question Edmund Halley answer British astronomer Edmund Halley was the first to calculate a comet’s orbit effectively. Identify the […]

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Arts & Humanities – Flashcards
04 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question _____________ is a skill and imagination used to create or produce aesthetic objects answer Art question Which of the following purposes of art is met by a Baroque composer writing a requiem mass? answer Illuminating the spiritual question Which of the following functions of art is best reflected in an anti-war protest song? answer […]

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7 Functions of Marketing – Flashcards
17 Mar 2016 Flashcards

Pricing – Selling the price at the right level. – Involves setting and communication the value of products and services. Product/Service Management – Designing, developing,maintaining, improving, and acquiring products and services that meet consumer needs Disribution – Determining the best ways for customers to locate, obtain, and use he products and services of an organization. […]

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