7 Functions of Marketing – Flashcards

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– Selling the price at the right level.
– Involves setting and communication the value of products and services.
Product/Service Management
– Designing, developing,maintaining, improving, and acquiring products and services that meet consumer needs
– Determining the best ways for customers to locate, obtain, and use he products and services of an organization. Involves moving the product each step from the deign idea to the consumer.

– Budgeting for marketing activities, obtaining the necessary funds needed for operations, and providing financial assistance to customers so they can purchase the business products and services.
Marketing-info Management
– Obtaining, managing and sign information about what customers want to improve business decisions making performance of marketing activities, and determining what will sell.
– Communication directly with potential customers to determine and satisfy their needs.
– Communicating with customers about the product to achieve the desired result-customer demand for and purchase of the product.
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