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Racism Outline NoteCards – Flashcards
26 Jul 2017 Flashcards

question Introduction answer I. question Whether you believe it or not, racism still occurs today. Some forms of racism you see today are things such as racist remarks towards our own president, experiencing racism yourself first-hand, and even hearing racist comments from our celebrities and idols. My goal is by the end of this speech […]

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Chapter 7; Written Communications – Flashcards
23 May 2017 Flashcards

question Agenda answer a brief outline of the topics to be discussed at a meeting question Annotation answer the process of reading, highlighting, and summarizing a document for another person question BiCaps answer words or phrases with unusual capitalization question Block answer a type of letter format in which the date, subject line, closing, and […]

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Exam 3 Music Appreciation – Flashcards
13 May 2017 Flashcards

question A Lied is an art song for solo voice and piano sung in _____. A. Latin B. French C. Italian D. German answer D. German question A song form in which the same melody is repeated for each stanza, often heard in popular music, is known as _____. A. strophic form B. modified strophic […]

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American Literature Study Guide: Moby-Dick, the Iroquois Constitution – Flashcards
05 May 2017 Flashcards

question Why did Columbus keep his Journal of the First Voyage to America? a. to help mapmakers make maps b. to inform his patrons about his trip c. to convince others he had found Asia d. to prove Spain had a claim to the lands answer b. to inform his patrons about his trip question […]

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Music Appreciation notes – Flashcards
24 Apr 2017 Flashcards

question form answer the organization of music in time question dynamics answer relative loudness or softness of musical sound question Element of Music answer one of music’s basic building blocks question Music answer organization of sound in time question Chanting om answer can alter consciousness question Shofar answer made from the horn of a ram […]

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AB "How Messages Persuade" – Flashcards
13 Apr 2017 Flashcards

question What are the 4 concepts that help you analyze the rhetorical strategies that make messages persuasive? answer angle of vision; to examine the strategies writers or speakers use to sway their audiences toward a certain position on an issue; the persuasive power of style and document design; and nonverbal messages persuading through visual strategies […]

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Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences–writing rules and finding given term – Flashcards
01 Apr 2017 Flashcards

question 1.) Tell if the following is a geometric or arithmetic sequence. 2.) Write the formula. 3.) Find the 100th term. 2,5,8,11,… answer 1.) arithmetic 2.) y = 3x – 1 or f(x) = 3x – 1 3.) 299 question 1.) Tell if the following is a geometric or arithmetic sequence. 2.) Write the formula. […]

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AP English Vocabulary – Writing and Literary Terms (121-150) – Flashcards
22 Mar 2017 Flashcards

question narrative structure/narrative techniques answer using a chronology of events, plot, conflict, characterization, setting, and/or other elements to convey tone, purpose, or effect question narrator answer person telling the story question Naturalism answer 19th century literary movement that carried Realism to the extreme by creating characters doomed by hereditary and/or environment question non sequitur answer […]

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Supa personal finance ch 4 pretest – Flashcards
11 Mar 2017 Flashcards

question One could expect to earn a higher rate of interest on a certificate of deposit than on a checking account. answer True question Saving accounts are sometimes referred to as demand deposits. answer False, time deposit. question Credit unions typically pay lower rates of return on savings than banks and commercial banks. answer False, […]

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Educational Psychology Questions And Answers – Flashcards
03 Mar 2017 Flashcards

question Normal behavior for children ages 6-12 DOES NOT include… answer enuresis question A red flag for a student aged 13-18 is answer sexual promiscuity question 40% of sexual abuse offenders who abuse children under 6 years old are aged… answer under 18 question As a teacher, you are able to effectively report child abuse […]

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Pharmacology Ch 1-10 Test Questions – Flashcards
23 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question The overuse or misuse of drugs is considered drug answer abuse question The physician must have permission from the FDA to dispose of any outdated medications. answer False question The formulary for medications approved by the answer NF question In the United States, who initiates the process of medical care? answer patient question The […]

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College Study Skills – Flashcards
13 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question The purpose of the Discovery Wheel in Becoming a Master Student is to answer provide a picture of how you see yourself as a student question Which is true of Gardner’s ideas concerning multiple intelligences? answer Each of us has all of the intelligences to some degree. question Goals can be made more effective […]

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Humanities Review Questions: Ancient Rome, the Bayeux Tapestry, Medieval Warfare – Flashcards
04 Feb 2017 Flashcards

question “Prehistory” may be defined as the period prior to answer written records question The landmark known as stonehenge is located in answer england question which iron age sea-faring people created a non-pictographic alphabet? answer Phoenicians question The name Zoroaster is associated primarily with the history of answer Persia question Hammurabi’s Code is significant chiefly […]

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Anatomy: directional terms – Flashcards
17 Mar 2016 Flashcards

question Anterior (ventral) answer Toward or at the front of the body; in front of question Anterior (ventral) answer Toward or at the front of the body; in front of question Posterior (dorsal) answer Toward or at the backside of the body; behind question Medial answer Toward or at the midline of the body; on […]

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History-Marcus Garvey – Flashcards
17 Mar 2016 Flashcards

question Where and when was Garvey born answer St.Ann on August 17, 1887 question When Garvey came to Kingston, where did he work? answer P.A. Benjamin and Company Limited question Describe the living conditions that the masses faced answer It was unsatisfactory. Expensive rent, dilapidated buildings, inadequate sanitary facilities and overcrowding. Inadequate water supply question […]

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