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What culture invented paper?
Which drawing medium is the “ancestor to the graphite pencil”? When was it popular?
Metalpoint- popular during Renaissance
What is the term for the coloring agent in drawing media?
What is the most common of all drawing media?
What is the specific object that makes the marks when the artist is doing metalpoint drawing?
thin metal wire
How does the use of different binders affect crayon and pastel drawing media?
crayon binder is greasy and waxy, but the binder for pastels is wax and oils which is better for blending
What is the specific style of drawing and painting used by Georges Seurat?
chromoluminarism and pointillism
Many liquid media are considered to be painting media. Which liquid medium is considered a drawing medium?
What topics of exploration did Leonardo da Vinci explore in his sketchbooks?
architecture, transportation vehicles
Besides paper, on what other materials have artists been known to draw?
What drawing medium did the author discuss Rembrandt using?
brush and ink
Traditionally, how did artists prepare the drawing surface for metalpoint?
drawing surface was covered with ground (a coating of paint)
The Italian Artist, Leonardo da Vinci, was appointed as the official painter for whom?
King of France, Louis XII
All paper was handmade until what century?
19th century
What material does “collage” imply an artist is using?
no specific materials
From what do we derive the word “paper”?
What medium is Diego Rivera famous for using?
fresco paintings
What gives color to paint?
powdered pigment
What is a nonaqueous medium?
dissolves in something other than water
What is the painting medium that involves the use of wax? What cultures used it?
encaustic- Greek and Roman
What is the difference between buon fresco and fresco secco?
fresco secco is dry plaster, and buon fresco is “true” wet plaster
What is applied to a canvas, or wood panel, to prepare it as a painting surface?
a ground such as gesso
In fresco painting what is a “cartoon”?
full-size drawing of the entire project
What is watercolor’s primary characteristic?
What ancient painting media were still in use in the 20th Century?
In oil painting, linseed oil acts as what?
pigment binder
In oil painting, thin veils of translucent color applied over a layer of opaque paint are called what?
What are the characteristics of oil painting?
dries slowly at room temp., can be pointed wet on wet, can be applied in different consistencies
How is gouache different than transparent watercolor?
Gouache has white pigment added
What synthetic paint challenged oils as the principal painting medium? When did this happen?
acrylic- 20th century
Pope Julius II employed which two Italian Renaissance artists to paint frescoes for him?
Michelangelo and Raphael
What is a nonaqueous paint?
dissolves in something other than water
Traditional Chinese artists used what is arguably the oldest painting medium in continuous use. What is that medium?
ink sticks
What is an emulsion? Which medium uses it?
What is the term for a mixture of white pigment and glue? What is it called? Where is it used?
gesso- used to seal wood
Can an artist do a painting without using paint? If so, how?
yes- yarn, collages
In what fundamental way is a monotype different than the other processes discussed in this chapter
only one print can be made
In printmaking, what is an “impression”?
the printed image you create
Who invented lithography and why?
Alois Senefelder- he was trying to find a cheap way to print music
What are the four basic traditional printmaking processes?
relief, intaglio, lithography, screenprinting
What is the earliest surviving woodcut image? What culture created it and why?
China- Buddha preaching appears at the beginning of the worlds earliest known printed book
What type of image is produced by a raised surface?
Printing impressions on top of one another from separate blocks in order to achieve full-color woodcut prints requires careful alignment of the paper, known as: what?
How do prints differ from most other forms of art?
you can make multiples
What is the main difference between an intaglio print and a relief print, with regard to how the ink is applied?
in relief, the ink is applied to the raised area,but in intaglio the ink is applied to all and then removed from the raised surface
What are the various methods of intaglio printing?
engraving, dry point, mezzotint, etching, aquatint, photogravure
Which process employs the use of resin melted onto a plate?
What is a mezzotint and what are the characteristics of the images produced this way?
artist works from dark to light
In printmaking, a plate or block will be canceled. How is this typically accomplished and why?
they scribble over their work so it can’t be printed on again
What does “Serigraphy” mean?
aka “screen printing”- is a method of creating an image by pressing ink through a screen with areas blocked off by a stencil.
The traditional use of a matrix in the printing process is changing, due to the use of what?
inkjet printers
Which artist is known for his/her series of prints that were inspired by African-American literature?
What is a planographic process? Which printmaking process uses it?
printing from a flat surface- lithography
Which basic printing process is a wood engraving?
What process was originally used to print photographs and photographic reproductions of paintings?
Who was appointed court painter for the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I?
What major themes did Kathe Kollwitz explore?
the artist, the ties between mothers and children, the hardships of the working class, cruelties of war, and death
What is it called when there is supervision by one individual or group over the artistic expression of another individual or group?
What had Eadweard Muybridge set out to discover with his Horse Galloping photograph? What two types of photography are descendants of his photographic innovations?
if the horse’s feet came off the ground- stop-motion photography and continuous-motion photography
What is “camera obscura”? Images produced with camera obscura became more focused with the invention of what? In what century did this occur?
“dark room”. became focused with the invention of a sense in the 16th century
Why were artists attracted to video?
Why were artists of the 16th Century attracted to using camera?
Identify the photojournalist who documented the Great Depression. What organization supported her photography?
Dorothea Lange- FSA
What is the content (not the subject) of Andy Warhol’s film Empire?
empire building as time passes by
What is a daguerreotype? Who invented it? When?
photographic process- Louis-Jaques-Mande Daugerre- 1839
What was the goal of the Pictorialists? What are some ways they sought to achieve this?
Identify the artist who used “found” photographs to “portray the overwhelming experience of a modern city”. What word shows up over and over in the example of her work in the text? What meaning does that word convey?
Hannah Hoch- disgust in WWI
The Farm Security Administration of the U.S. Department of Agriculture employed this photographer. Why
Dorthea Lange
What type of photography did Alfred Steiglitz champion?
photography should be true to its own nature, not imitating a painting
What was the Dada movement?
anti-war art
Who invented the first workable film projector?
The Lumière brothers
What was the daguerreotype a “blind alley” for photography?
it couldn’t make multiple images
Julia Margaret Cameron is known for what photographic subject?
What camera was invented in 1888 that changed photography? Who invented it?
kodak camera
Identify the artist associated with the Dada movement and who created images without using a camera. What did he call these images?
What is an “auteur”?
a filmmaker whose personal influence and artistic control over a movie are so great that the filmmaker is regarded as the author of the movie.
For what type of art is Nam Jun Paik best known?
video art
Identify the 19th-century artists, Henri who created the first color lithographic posters. What was he advertising?
Moulin Rouge
What technology first made it possible to devise a notice that could be reproduced in large numbers and distributed widely?
printing press
Does the meaning of symbols change over time? Does a symbol itself have meaning, or is the meaning dependent on what it symbolizes? Does culture influence the meaning of symbols?
yes it changes, they have no meaning themselves, cultures give meaning to symbols
What is the name of the Chinese symbol for mutual interdependence?
Graphic design has its roots in what two developments?
printing press and the industrial revolution
Identify the graphic design team that developed the symbols used today to communicate information across language barriers.
Cook and Shanosky
What graphic design element is a key to creating a complete corporate identity?
What is the term for the designer’s blueprint for books, magazines, and other works in print?
What invention, in the 19th century, introduced the widespread use of color in posters.
color lithography
What is one of the most effective and easiest ways for a company to change its image?
change its logo
Who was the 15th Century artist who created a unified alphabet for moveable type?
Albrecht Dürer
Designing for the Web adds what distinctive feature, between the site and its visitor.
Identify the American graphic designer who created some of the most memorable logos for IBM, UPS, and ABC.
Paul Rand
What was the purpose of W. Bradford Paley’s TextArc program?
displays all of the text on screen, allowing users to explore relationships between its words.
What is charted by Miebach’s Antarctic Tidal Rhythms?
Identify the artist who, in the 1960’s, elevated the graphic design image of Campbell’s soup cans to art

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