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Indentured servants in colonial America experienced
Low social status
The treatment of the Native americans by the Spanish conquistadores can be described as
at times brutal and exploitative
European voyages of discovery and exploration were facilitated by
The Renaissance
European Contact with Native Americans led to
the deaths of millions of Native Americans who had little resistance to European diseases.
Men became conquistadores because they wanted to
gain gods favor by spreadiing Christanity; escape dubious pasts; seek adventure,as the heroes of classical antiquity had done; satisfy their desire for gold
The stage was set for a cataclysmic shift in the course of history when
Europeans clamored for more and cheaper products from Asia; Africa was est. as a source of slave labor; The portuguese demonstrated the feasibility of long range ocean navigation; the renaissance nurtured a spirit of optimism and adventure
In the new interdependent global economic system that emrged after Columbus’s discovery, the new world provided
raw materials
the Christian crusaders were indirectly responsible for the discovery of America because they
brought back news of valuable far Eastern spices, drugs, and silk.
Europeans wanted to discover a new, shorter route to eastern Asia in order to
break hol that muslim merchants had on trade with Asia; reduce the price of goods from Asia; gain more profits for themselves; reduce the time it took to transport goods
Some of the more advanced Native American cultures did all of the following
est. large, bustling cities; make strikingly accurate astornomical observations; study mathmatics; carry on commerce
The crop that became the staple of life in Mexico and SOuth America was
Corn (maze)
The European explorers who followed Columbus to North America
Continued to view themselved as Europeans
The ideals that the colonists cherished as synonyomous with American life included reverence for all the following
individual liberty; self- government; religious tolerance; economic prosperity
The economic theory of merchantilism would be consistent with which of the following statements?
It is vital that a country import more than it exports
A major impact of the French and Indian War on the attitudes of Americans was
It led to many colonists who had perviously supported independence from England to call for moderation because they feared that the huge British military presence in the colonies ( brought over from England to fight the French) could not be turned on rebellious colonist
With the British and American victory in the French and Indian War
A new spirit of interdepence arose, as the French threat disappeared
The Proclamation of 1763 was issued mainly to
work out a fair settlemnet of the Indian problem
France had to give ip its vision of a NorthAmerican New France when
it was deafeated by britain???
The immediate puropse of the Albany Congress of 1754 was to
prevent the french from attacking American outposts
French motives in the New world included the desire to
est. agricultural communitied to produce profitable staple crops
The climactic clash between britain and france for control of the n. Amer/ continent sprang from the rivalry for contrl of
Mississippi River
The great Awakening
Undermined prestige of the learned clergy in the colonies; spilit colonial churched into serval competing denominations; lef to the founding of Princeton, Dartmouth, and Rutgers colleges; was the 1st spontaneous mass movement of the Amer. people
In 1775, the _____ Churches were the only two est. (tax supported) churches in colonial Amer
Congregational and Anglican
The triangular trade of the colonial American shipping industry
involved trading of rum for slaves
the riches created by the growing slave pop in AMer. South
The population of the 13 colonies was
New England family can best described as
a very stable institution
In 17th century colonial American all of the following are true regarding women EXCEPT
abusive husbands were punished
African Amer, contirbutions to Amer culture included all of the following EXCEPT
the guitar
Slave society that developed in N AMer was 2 of few slave societies in history to
produce a new culture based entirely on African heritage
Slave christianity emphasized all the following in their faith EXCEPT
concepts of humility and obedience
Immediate reason for BAcons Rebellion was
indian attacks on frontier settlements
For those Africans who were sold into slavery, the \”middle passage\” can best descirbed as
gruesome ocean voyage to Amer
For their labor in the colonies indenture servant recived all the following EXCEOT
The headright system which made som epeople very wealthy entailed
giving the right to acquire 50 acres of land to the person paying the passage of a laborer to amer
During the 17th sent indentured servitude solved the labor probelm in many English colonies for all the following reasons EXCPET that
in some areas families formed too slowly
New York and Penn. simiular in that they BOTH
had ethnially mixed pop
Inidian policy in ealry PEnn best described
NONE of these… benevoolent;influ mainly by state sup church; bad at 1st but improving later; harsh
According to Anne Hutchingson a dissenter in Mass. Bay
the truly saved need not bother to obey the laws of god or man
Roger Williams beliefs included all following EXCEOT
condeming the taking of Indian Land without fair compensation
As a colony RHODE ISLAND became known
individualist and indep. attitudes
Initially MAss Bay Colony enjoyed all following advantages EXCEPT
Reciving many fairly prosperous and edu immigrants
Puritain doctrine included acceptance of
Amoung Puritians,, it was understoof that
The purpose of gov was to enforce gods laws
The Mayflowe compact can best described as
a promising step towatd genuine self gov
Colonist both N and S est differences in all of the following area EXCEPT
allegiances to england
In Americna History 1619 important because that year
Blacks from Africa arrived in English Amer
A major reason for the founding of Maryland colony was
create a refuge for Catholics
Cultivation of tobacco in Jamestown resulted in all the following EXCEPT
soaring prosperity in the colony
All the following reasons the 13 Atlantic colonies sought indep EXCEPT

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