APUSH Chapter 17 Vocabulary

Homestead Lockout
Andrew Carnegie. Homestead, Pennsylvania. Steel industry. Steel plant after refused to renew. Lockout. Nat’l guard be called in. Steel workers lost jobs.
Management Revolution
Creation of business bureaucracy. Top management and day to day operations of business.
Vertical integration
Business model. Corporation controls all aspects of productions from raw materials to packaged products.
Horizontal integration
Business. Buy out your competitors. Force part of your business.
Small group of associates that hold stock from a group of combined firms. Manage as one entity. Introduced by John D. Rockefeller.
Elimination of labor under a system of compartmentalizing what you do. Eliminate labor cost. Management has control.
Mass production
Phrase by Henry Ford. Mass production of goods based on assembling of parts.
Scientific management
Developed by Frederick Taylor. Scientific/math principles on products. Maximum output of a worker. Increase efficiency. Reduce cost of production.
Chinese exclusion act
1882. banned Chinese laborers in entering the US. If they were a doctor, or lawyer they can.
Great Railroad Strike of 1877
Railroad workers strike wage cuts amid the depression that started in 1873.
Greenback labor party
Political movement, increase money supply and regulate corporations and enforce and 8 hours work day.
Idea that the producers are engaged in physical labor. Merchants, laborers, lawyers, and bankers gain what these people do.
Granger laws
Granger organizations (farmers). Midwestern states pass in order to regulate the railroads. Pressure from farmers.
Knights of Labor
First mass labor organization. 1869. Build the universal brotherhood of workers. Allow other ethnicities and women.
Stateless society. Revolution has brought about no gov’t.
Haymarket Square
May 4, 1886. Chicago. Workers demonstrate because a worker was killed by policemen. Both killed. Backlash from labor activism.
Farmer’s alliance
Texas, 1870s. Advocated cooperative stores to get rid of middle men. Gov’t aid to farmers. Greater regulation of railroads.
Interstate commerce act
1887. Creates interstate commerce commission. Purpose of regulating railroads.
Closed shop
Can’t get a job in a workplace unless you are part of the union representing them.
American Federation of labor
Samuel gompers. 1886. Took craftworkers from many industries. Start to advocate usage of strikes. Institutes collective bargaining.
Andrew Carnegie
Scottish immigrant. Earned fortune working for Pennsylvania railroad company. Studied British steel production. Studied Bessemer process. Starts steel plants in Pennsylvania. Largest producers of steel in the world. Becomes philanthropist.
Gustavus Swift
German. Enter into meat packing business. Chicago. First to utilize waste by product. Applies assembly line production. Introduces vertical integration. Control market, set prices.
John D. Rockefeller
Kerosene. Need for crude oil. Corner kerosene industry. Corner oil industry. Introduces horizontal integration. Buys out all competition. Establishes the trust. Starts standard oil. Monopolizes oil industry. Based in Cleveland Ohio.
Henry George
Sociologist. Writes progress an poverty. 1887. Cautioned public of industrialization. Pushes and keeps working class. Encouraged economic reform (gov’t regulation).
Terence Powderly
First leaders of the Knights of labor. Cautioned effects of alcohol abuse, knights tried to avoid striking.
Leonora Barry
Irish. Forced to factory work when husband dies. Outspoken leader in labor movement. Exposed safety issues and treatment of women.
Samuel Gompers
Founded American Federation of Labor. 30 years as leader. Centered on a variety of worker. Both skilled and unskilled. Was in cigar makers union. Believed in pure and simple unionism. Pure addresses craft workers. Better wages, hours, and conditions.
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