AP World History Period 4 Test – Exam Review

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In the period of 1450-1750, which of the following, produced on large plantations by slave labor, were significant commodities in the growing world market?
Cash crops such as sugar and tobacco
The Columbian Exchange involved which of the following new connections in the era 1450-1750?
African population to the western hemisphere; western hemisphere food to Europe and Africa; African and European diseases to the western hemisphere
Which of the following was a major similarity among European colonial empires in the Americas?
Enslavement of African people and subjugation of Amerindians
The Mughal empire and Ottoman empire before 1700 C.E shared what?
Both empires were religiously and culturally diverse
Although different in their sources of power, the governments of Great Britian and France had what characteristics?
Both nations had a small elite of landowning aristocrats who were considered the \”natural\” ruling class with power and influence in the government
A major idea that the framers of the US Constitution absorbed from the enlightenment was…
The concept of federal republic
France’s role in the Thirty Year’s War illustrates what?
An emphasis on one’s own geopolitical interest, rather than religious belief.
How did the Mughal empire come to an end?
It was subdued by the British, who retained some Mughal rulers in place for political purposes
How was Japan unified?
Three politician warlords used both force and diplomacy to reunite the country
What was the limitation of Peter the Great policies of cultural westernization?
Westernization was limited to the elite
Dependence in the world economy and the consequent need to produce unprocessed good cheaply led to the development of _____ labor systems
In regard to China’s participation in world trade, after the mid-1300’s it’s accurate to say that…
Internal conflict within the Ming ruling establishment resulted in China’s withdrawal from direct participation in world trade
Compared to 1600, the percentage of men who were literate in 1800 suggest that…
Peasants and workers as well as the merchant and upperclass must have begun to receive some education
By giving the creature the head of a wolf or dog, the artist creates the impression…
The monopolies preyed on or took advantage of people
Although some of the mention performed specialized jobs, most of the seamen…
Had to have different skills
Trade between Mughal India and Europe was stimulated by the European demand for Indian…
What promoted a wave of new businesses and trade practices in Europe in the 16th – 17th centuries?
New wealth from the Americas and the growth of overseas trade
Toyotomi Hideyoshi expelled missionaries from his domain in 1587 because the missionaries were…
Interfering in local Japanese political matters
Which of the following statements best describes why Spain failed to remain a dominant power in the 17th century?
Spain’s internal economy and banking system were insufficient to accommodate the vast amounts of gold and silver bullion from the new world and the Iberian nation lacked significant manufacturing capability

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