AP World History: Chapter 19 Review

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The sultan who presided over a \”golden age\” and the greatest ottoman assault on Christian Europe was
Sulieman the magnificent
As ottoman armies pressed into Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, they fought many wars with who?
The Safavid empire
A new fourteenth-century ottoman military resource was the Christian prisoners of war, called
Explain the Devshirme system
Devshirme children placed in Turkish families to learn language before military training
After Spain expelled Jews and Muslims in 1492, where did they go?
They flooded into the ottoman territory
Explain the \”balance\” that helped the Ottoman Empire become the most powerful estate in the European or the Islamic worlds?
Military mounted arches, janissaries trained in the most advanced technology, Safavids much slower to adapt fire weapons
How did the sultan govern his \”flock\” or oraya
Providing protection and collecting taxes
What became the majority religion in the Balkans under the Ottoman Empire?
The chief source of ottoman inflation in the 16th century was
Cheap silver acquired in the new world
Explain \”tax farming\”
Paying specific taxes to revive privilege of collecting greater amounts from actual tax payers
What were the effect of the decline of ottoman administrative control and rural disorder?
New economic opportunity
Why did the ottoman economy become involved in the European commercial network?
Introduction of tobacco
What new product traded from the Arabian port of mocha became the range in the 15th century?
Why did the ottoman historians call the period between 1718 and 1730 the Tulip period?
The craze for high-priced tulip bulbs that swept the ottoman ruling circle
The ottomans’ chief rival in Iran was the
The Safavid empire
Explain the difference between the ottoman and Iranian states.
Iranian states were based on shi’ism
Out of the struggle for power in ran emerges a chief of Kurdish, Iranian and Greek ancestry named
In Iran, the second language of Islam was
Arabic script
The cultural and artistic accomplishments of the Islamic empires included
Painted and molded tiles, walking cities, and narrow major mosque
Explain the \”Hidden Imam\”
The twelfth descendant of Ali
Explain how women were affected by Islamic law
Seldom appearing in public and could not retain property after marriage
Iran became most closely associated with the manufacture of which item?
Silk fabric
The weak link in the Iranian military was its
Lack of navy
The Mughal empire is distinguished from the ottomans and Safavids mostly because it was
Culturally and religiously diverse
The founder of the Mughal empire was
Why was the Mughal empire prosperous in the 16th century?
The empire had a central administration and government
Explain Akbar’s policy of religious reconciliation between Muslims and Hindus?
Established by marrying a Hindu Raipul princess and introducing reforms that reduced taxation and legal discrimination against Hindus
How did the Sikh \”army of the pure\” signals their faith?
By the ninth guru being beheaded for refusing to convert to islam
Why did the Mughal empire decline?
Due to loss of power and intrusion by Europeans
As the Mughal empire decline, what group benefited?
Extensive Islamic expansion into east Africa and Southeast Asia occurred why?
Port cities and royal courts
How did islam effectively counter European Christianity?
Rural people incorporated some of their pre-Muslim religious and social practices
High migration in the East African lake region and Kenyan highlands was due to
Portuguese control
What European country conquered the East African port cities?
The Dutch
After defeating the Portuguese, the Dutch acquired what valuable colony?

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