AP world history ch.12-15

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ministry of rites
administrated examinations to student from chinese gov. schools or those recommended by distinguished scholars
Empress Wu
Tang ruler 690-705ce in china; supported Buddhist establishment, tried to elevate Buddhism to stay in villages until they could repay aristocrats for land
(knowledgable gentlemen)chinese class created by the marital approach; based on use of logic to resolve theological probelms
revived ancient confucian teachings in Song era china; their emphasis on tradition and hostility to foreign systems made chinese rulers and bureaucrats less receptive to outside udeas and influences
grand canal
designed to link the original centers of chinese civilizations on north china plain with the yangtze river basin to the south (1200 miles long)
chinese ships equipped with watertight bulkheads, sternpost rudders, compasses, and bamboo fenders
practice in chincese society to mutilate women’s feet in order to make them smaller
the focus on the acomplishments of individuals rather than a whole community
supreme ruler
people from hell
nature spirit of japan
hein era
courst culture soared to refinement; aristocratic classes had strict behavior; social classes were everything; gossip was rampant; energy focused on the pursuit of beauty; buildings of unpainted wood; writing verse
fujiwara family
japanese aristocratic family in mid 9th century; exercised exceptional infulence over imperial affairs
mounted troops of japanese warrior leaders
ritual suicide in japan which demonstrated courage anf a means to restore family honor
military leaders of the bakufu (military gov. in japan)
worlord rulers of 300 small stated following civil war and sidruption of Ashikaga Shogunate
japanese feudalism
1. emeror and shoguns
2. daimyo
extensive adaption of chinese culture in other regions (more typical of kkorea and japan not vietnam)
Nam Viet
Han conqured Nam Viet in 2nd century BCE; derived of benefits (technology, political organization, and chinas ideas); 1st appeared in hisory as \”soutner barbains\”
when does feudalism end
around 1868ce
Why did feudalism happen in europe?
-germanic tribes needing protection
rank of importance
land grant
when does japan get guns?
in the early tang dynasty, buddhism
had gained extreme favor among many chinese people with widespread conversions, monetary support and gov. acknowledgement
the Sui dynasty occured as a result of
increased focus on luxury and materialsim coupled with incompetent military leadership
concerning expansion, the Tang
established connections with far off regions through vassals kingdoms, armies of conquest and hoped that these groups would become assimilated into chinese culture
the Tang system of civil service examination
allowed for commoners to gain positions due to merit on the exam, but usually the position within the central administration were reserved for old aristocracy
whem compared to the Tang dynasy, the Song
faced a very bloated bureaucracy due to relaxed restrictions in the exam system
the role of palace intrigue played a part in the decline of the Tang in that
roayl concubinage led to economic distress and the failed An LuShan Rebellion which weakened the Tang’s control
The 646 Taika Reforms attempted to change japanese culture in that
the chinese model of confucian influenced gov., military, and imperial dominance was the focus of the reforms
vietnamese sinification efforts contrased with those of Korea in that
the vietnamese had vast cultural distinctions that existed before sinification making it increasingly difficult for the Chinese to influence them, unlike the Koreans
the bakufu
literally means military gov which granted real power to the shogun and cemented japanese dependency on feudalism
during the Heian era in japanese history, literature
flourished due to the ultacivilized atmosphere of the society, in which written language was simplified to create an easier transition to japanese
women in japan’s merchant and artisan families
could share in numerous community activities like men such as guilds and the inheritance of businesses
after chinggis Khan’s death, how was his empire administered?
it was divided into four regional khanates, ruleed hy his sons and grandson
which of the khanates conquered Russia?
Golden HOrde
under Mongol rule, Moscow became important because
it became the center of Mongol tribute payments
the mongol conquest of Russia
forced the Russian peasentry into serfdom due to heavy tax burdens
which of the following was the most significant impact of the period of the Mongold rule on Russia?
the period of MOngol rule reinforced the isolation of RUssiafrom western Europe
in addition to the destruction of the Abbasid capital at Baghdad and the weakening of the Muslim military strenght, how did the mongols impact the islamic heartland?
they destryoed Muslim cities from central Asia to the shores of the Mediterranean which devastated trade, culture and education
what was the status of Mongolian women during the Yuan dynasty of China?
mongol women remained relatively independent, refused to adopt the practice of foot-binding, and retained their rights in property

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