AP World Chapter 16 quizlet

Which of the following was an outcome of the Haitian Revolution?
Definition of political citizenship as “black”
The Atlantic revolutions challenged the absolute and divine authority of
The American Revolution erupted as a response to increasing
British control over the economic affairs of the colonies.
The chief beneficiaries of all but one of the Atlantic revolutions were
propertied white men of the “middling classes.”
Which of the following was an effect of the Haitian Revolution throughout the Atlantic world?
Slave owners and whites were filled with a deep caution and fear.
What did the Atlantic revolutions share in common?
A common political vocabulary
The Atlantic revolutions were inspired by the Enlightenment belief that political and social arrangements
could be improved by human action.
Which of the following was an outcome of the American Revolution?
Existing democratic tendencies in the colonial societies were accelerated.
How did the Atlantic revolutions influence subsequent movements that spread throughout Europe?
All were committed to republicanism and social equality.
In contrast to the American Revolution, the French Revolution
sought to re-create society from scratch.
In response to Napoleon’s conquest and reform of European lands outside France, the people in the conquered lands
accepted many of the reforms, but revolted against French control.
Which of the following elements of the French Revolution did Napoleon preserve?
Secular legal code
Which of the following is one reason why the Spanish American revolutions took longer and were more difficult than the (North) American Revolution?
Divisions of class, race, and region within Spanish America
Which of the following represents a way that governments in the nineteenth century instilled national loyalties in their citizens?
Sponsoring public rituals
Which of the following is true about women’s participation in the French Revolution?
Women of all classes joined in the major events of the revolution.
Which of the following is true of the women’s movement by the early 1900s?
In the most industrialized countries of the West, it had become a mass movement.
Which of the following is an example of the influence of nationalism outside the Euro-American world in the nineteenth century?
The “Egypt for the Egyptians” movement
How did the end of the international slave trade affect Africa?
Reliance on slave labor increased in West and East Africa.
Which of the following arguments made the cause of abolition widely acceptable in the nineteenth century?
Slavery was not necessary for economic progress
What did the leaders of the various independence movements in Latin America do to gain the support of the general population?
Appeal to nativist feelings by defining all those born in the Americas as “Americanos”
Some feminists based their arguments for women’s rights on the role of women as

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