A&P 207 Quiz Answers

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Which of the following substances comprise 95% of the human body
Which of the following represents the number of elements required by living organisms
The electrons of an atom occupy one or more areas of space called
The electrons in the outermost shell of an atom determine its
Chemical Behavior
The atoms of isotopes of a particular element vary in the number of
The attraction of the positive hydrogen end of a polar molecule to the negative nitrogen or oxygen end of another polar molecule is called
Hydrogen Bond
A molecule of a compund always contains definite kinds and numbers of
A chemical reaction in which pairs of two of diffrent molecules trade positions with one another is a
Exchange Reaction
A decomposition reaction can be symbolized
AB – A+B
A solution that contains more hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions is
Each whole number on the PH scale represents 10 fold difference in hydrogen ion concentrations
10 Fold
As hydrogn ion concentrations increases the PH number
Gets Smaller
A solution that has a PH of 6 has ten times the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution with
A person has alkalosis if the blood PH
Rises above 7.45
Chemicals that resist changes in PH are called
Which of the following chemicals is not an inorganic substance
Nucleic Acids
Inorganis substances that usually dissociate in water are callled
Carbon Dioxide
A waste product of metabolic process and exhaled from the lungs
Which of the following is not an organic substance
Carbon dioxide
The different types of carbohydrates do not include
An investionator who conducts an experiment to determine how the rate at which affect temperatue changes is most likely to be
Which of the followin lists best illustrates the idea of increasing levels of organization
Metabolism is defined
The sum total of all of the chemcial reactions in the body that breaks down substances and build them up
The building up phase of metabolism is called
The breakingdown phase of metabolism is called
Which of the following processes is not concerned with maintaining the life of
Homeostasis refers to
Stable Internal Conditions
Homeostatic mechanisms do not include
Positive Feedback
Which of the following provides the best example of a homeostativ mechanism
Shivering that occurs as body temperature drops
The most abundant chemical in the body
A process in the body that causes conditions to move away from the normal state is called
Positive Feedback
Positive Feedback mechanism usually produce
Unstable conditions which might seem incompatible with homeostasis
The axial portion of the body includes
Cranial Cavity
Vertebral Canal
Ventral Body Cavities
The mediastinum seperates
The thoracic cavity into two compartments which contain the right and left lungs
Which of the following is not a part of the smaller cavities located within the head
Pituitary Cavity
Which of the following organs occupies the pelvic cavity
Urinary Bladder
The membrane on the surface of the lung is called
Visceral Pleura
A part that is closer to the head than something else is said to be
A section that seperates the body into let and right portions would be
Sagittal Section
When a body is in the anatomical position it is
Standing erect with the face forward

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