AoT Midterm

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The most significant difference b/t film & theater
Relationship b/t the performer & audience
Essential aspect of the performing arts?
Need for an interpreter
Patterns that emerged as theater globalized?
Interaction, adaption, collaboration
Degree of separation b/t object/event, which an artist creates & audience observes
Aesthetic distance
Putting aside all literal & practical considerations in order to enter world of drama
Willing suspension of disbelief
Pt of view of the ___ generally dominates an auteur production
Full account of an event or series of events, usually in chronological order
Selection and arrangement of scenes that actually happen on stage
Essential aspects of dramatic structure
Plot, reasonable balance, conflict
Final & most significant crisis
Shakespeare’s plays typically included subplots which are
Secondary plots that reinforce or runs parallel to the major plot
Open ended, serial structure that is often associated with female playwrights
Characters that embody the quintessential characteristics of a group
Techniques developed by Stanislavski
Through line, concentration & observation, magic if
In order to throw the voice into the audience, to penetrates utmost reaches of the theater the actor must
Devised a system to teach performers how to achieve the necessary believability
Stanislavski’s early research into realistic acting techniques was conducted while he was directing many plays by
Stanislavski’s later approach to actor training
Purposeful action as the most direct route to the emotions
Encouraged students to use the text as an instrument of action
Associated with the “front of the house”
Printing programs, securing ushers, selling tickets
Arrangement & movements of performers relative to each other and to the stage space
Activity of a performer on stage
Who blocks or stages the play?
Maintains quality control of all production elements after opening
Stage manager
Oversees budget
A “fourth wall theater” describes
Arena stage
Type of performance space associated with street theater
Created, or found, space
Originally built into hillsides in Greece
Thrust stage
Most Broadway performance spaces were built with the ___configuration
Proscenium stage
Performers make their entrances & exits along aisles that run through the audience
Arena stage
Canvas stretched on wood with the side facing the audience & painted to look like a solid wall is called
Gauze or cloth screen that, when painted & lit from the front, appears solid, but when lit from behind becomes transparent
A small scale, three-dimensional version of the set
Responsible for seeing that the scenery, platforms & other elements are built, painted & installed onstage
Technical Director
When costumes are taking from inventory or rented from a costume house
When a costume is created in the costume shop
Circle set into the floor that can turn mechanically to bring one set into view another disappears
Low platform on wheels upon which set pieces are brought onstage
Person who rehearses the performers and coordinates their actions
Characters who embody an entire group
Characters who are not completely three-dimensional but exemplify one particular characteristic
Stock characters
Contemporary theater tends to maintain the uniform & traditional styles of the country of production
Saturday Night Live uses a format established from earlier times
In a traditional tragedy, the hero is caught in circumstances from which there is no escape & lead to fatal end
The age of Enlightenment & the Century of progress were conducted to the creation of a tragic drama
Traditional tragedy assumes a basically optimistic view of the universe
Many of the plays by Shaw can be placed under the special heading of “comedy of ideas”
The realistic portrayal of characters in life like fashion has been characteristic of theater throughout history
The point of view of an auteur production is that of the director not the playwright
The ending of the musical version of the Spitfire Grill is the same as the ending of the film version
Lead character in spit fire grill
Percy was in prison for
Killing her stepdad
What is the name of the mysterious visitor in Spitfire Grill

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