Anne Hutchinson Trial

Puritans-Believed the Church of England and Catholic Church were corrupt.
-Calvinist separatists
-Must strive to find if meant for heaven or hell
-must help neighbors and not indulge
-do not love anyone more than God or forget Him
-Find your calling
Calvinism and PredestinationJohn Calvin
-God predetermines who will go to heaven and who will not
-object to indulgences
Indulgencescan buy forgiveness from the Church in order to better your standing with God

Massachusetts Bay Colony-Non-separatist Puritans lead by John Winthrop
-Believed they needed to set a good example and be a city on a hill
John Winthrop-puritan lawyer and leader of Massachusetts Bay Colony
-“model of Chrisitian Charity”
-believes all laws must be based on scripture
“A model of Christian Charity”-Shinning city on a hill speech
-must keept watch over neighbors , morally and financially
Just Price-must only make a small profit from sold goods
-loans given and forgotten after 7 years
-Not good for merchants
Anne Hutchinson-Holds convecticals in her house
-leaves england, following John Cotton to MBC
-Claims church is preaching a covenant of works
-many merchants follow here
William Hutchinson-Husband of Anne
-lets Anne take the reins
Society of Deference-true order that is maintained by subjugation to authority
strict order provides feeling of stability and security in an insecure world.
Coverture-Rule taking away womand legal rights when she is married
Conventiclesprivate religious gatherings held at peoples homes
JezebelBilicial story of a queen who worked to convince husband to persecute Elijah and worship Pagan gods
Absolute Truththeir interpretation of the bible and Gods word was right and unquestionable
Doctrine of Preparationism-establishment that steps can be taken to reach santification
-wanted to keep society in order
-AH believed in to be a covenant of works
“covenant of works”-encouraging people to engage in works in order to increase their likihood of going to heaven
-similar to indulgences, agaisnt idea of predestination
5th Commandment-scriptural basis for Society of Deference
-Honor thy father and mother
Roger Williams-founded the Providence settlement
-Hutchinson family moved here after exhile
-religious freedom