Analysis on Lance Armstrong Doping Essay Example
Analysis on Lance Armstrong Doping Essay Example

Analysis on Lance Armstrong Doping Essay Example

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  • Published: July 29, 2017
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The repercussions faced by Armstrong are completely inappropriate. Travis Tygart and USADA have taken excessive actions against him. It is undeniable that Lance doped, along with his Tour de France rivals and their teammates. So, why should the man who emerged victorious against other dopers have his life destroyed? Why should a man who has helped millions of cancer patients be forced to resign from his organization and cover the tax break of his charity? Unfortunately, Lance has to face these consequences, which include fines for his profits, tax breaks, sponsorship money, etc.

All he did was produce EPO (like everyone else) and win the toughest cycling race in the world, seven times. He had a notorious focus on the task at hand and raised global awareness about cancer. His at


hletic achievements beyond cycling are also notable, such as his victory at the Boston Marathon and numerous Ironman 70 events.

There are various consequences, including rumors of divorce circulating. Mark Cavendish tweeted about people's naivety regarding cycling being the only sport with a hidden past and how other sports have athletes using performance enhancing drugs. He questioned why Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire do not have their reputations tarnished like Lance Armstrong. All of Lance's sponsors, such as Trek Bikes, FRS, Nike, Anheuser-Busch, Oakle, and 24 Hour Fitness, have dropped him. Travis Tygart, Pat McQuaid, media hounds, and USADA researchers are blamed for ruining the life and reputation of an American hero after years of failure.

I hope you are pleased.

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