Analysing how to Improve the Position of easyCar
Analysing how to Improve the Position of easyCar

Analysing how to Improve the Position of easyCar

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  • Published: October 7, 2017
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The easyCar state of affairs was expressed in this instance in the twelvemonth 2003. Stelios Haji-Ionnnou is the laminitis of the easyCar and it is the low priced European auto rental concern. The survey shows that the company want to better its place of 27 million lb to 100 million lb gross revenues by the twelvemonth 2004 with the net net incomes of 10 million lbs. After accomplishing this place company is seeking to come in into the initial public offering in the European market. The most of import portion of study is the analysis of operational procedure and its design presently working with easyCar. This is required to increase its market place in different market globally harmonizing to its ends. The international selling applications are necessary for this company in order to come in into different national markets and to accomplish its ends.

There are assorted factors which are needfully demands to be considered by the easyCar for the intent of the accomplishment of ends. It has maintained fuel replenishment policy before the start of leasing the auto, autos need to be washed before the bringing and for these intents it had delayed the procedure of leasing and increased the cost. Besides the employee cost was high during those times. In the ulterior old ages with effectual alteration in the operational direction have lead to much improved services with less cost and in bend attracted more clients. As the company wanted to increase its location in assorted other companies, there is demand for much concentration on analyzing those international markets through assorted international selling schemes to be implemented by the company to acquire win.

Table of Contentss:

1.0. Introduction: 2

2.0. Analysis of auto rental industry and easyCar instance Analysis: 3

2.1. Analysis of Competition of easyCar: 3

2.2. Target Customers for easyCar: 4

2.3. Assorted features in general for the auto rental industry: 5

2.3.1. Heterogeneity – Quality: 6

2.3.2. Intangibility: 6

2.3.3. Perishability: 6

2.3.4. Inseparability: 7

2.4. Operational procedure to back up competition through low monetary value: 7

2.5. Deduction of easyCar operations on taxis, coachs and trains: 9

2.5.1. Rent for the hr: 10

2.5.2. Clea

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auto policy: 11

2.5.3. Insurance purchase from the client: 11

2.5.4. Fuel make fulling merely when it is empty: 12

2.6. Significance of legal challenges of easyCar: 12

2.7. Appraisal of gaining easyCar ends and their betterment: 13

3.0. Decision: 17

4.0. Mentions: 18

1.0. Introduction:

The easyCar company is operates in the auto rental industry largely in Europe. This company have enormous figure of rivals in both local and international market and some of the rivals are excessively strong compared with easyCar. In order to get the better of this competition easyCar used a scheme of low monetary values. This was a better scheme but was required really effectual operational design and system which supports in cut downing the costs. Through the usage of this procedure company was managed to run in 17 metropoliss of different states. And now wants to increase its locations in both national and international degrees.

The national and international market analysis is critical and important factors as most of the companies have lost their place without the proper analysis before presenting into those market. So the characteristics of international market, their political nature, and demand for the industry have to be measured. In order to explicate the purpose of study, the study should do an analysis of assorted constructs.

The study includes analysis the features of auto rental industry and how they are influence procedure of presenting the service in this industry. Second, it explains the scheme utilizing by the easyCar for deriving the competitory advantage and about rivals. Third, the options to easyCar and how easyCar affect those industries in the market will be analysed on the footing of easyCar ‘s operations. Foutrhly, legal challenges and ordinances those need attending for easyCar will be discussed. And eventually, the appraisal of end realization and manner to accomplish those ends set by easyCar will be analysed.

2.0. Analysis of auto rental industry and easyCar instance Analysis:

2.1. Analysis of Competition of easyCar:

The easyCar chiefly operates in the western European lease auto industry and which consists of big figure of different national markets. Still merely few companies are viing at a dominant place in this market. The easyCar is runing at the international degrees and viing in Europe with the international companies like Avis, Europcar, and Hertz and viing on Sixt in Germany. Together with these companies there were 1000s of other little companies operates in these states. The below tabular array shows that among the taking rivals easy autos place is nowhere, but still is able to keep the competition among them through its segmenting scheme for different locations ( Fink, A, Reiners, T, 2006 ) .


Avis Europe




Number of


Mercantile establishments






2002 Fleet







Number of









United kingdom










D’leteren ( Belgium ) is bulk stockholder

Volkswagen AG

Ford Motor Company

Publicly traded



ˆ41 million

ˆ 1.25 billion

ˆ1.2 billion

ˆ910 million

ˆ600 million


Web Site ( Adopted from the Case 3-3 )

2.2. Target Customers for easyCar:

As it is mentioned above easyCar chiefly operates in the European metropoliss, it targeted for the coach, train and flight travelers fundamentally. For this intent it was started runing near the coach Michigan, train Stationss and airdromes, so taxis, coachs, trains, and flight traveling clients are mark

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