An Analysis of Les Miserables’ Bring Him Home Essay

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One of the most popular vocals in Les Miserables is the vocal entitled Bring Him Home. It is sung by Jean Valjean in Act II of Les Miserables as a signifier of supplication to God in order for a immature adult male named Marius to be able to return place to the adult female he loves. Cosette ( Guy & A ; Llewelyn-Jones. ) . The narrative behind the vocal is that Cosette was an orphan whom Jean Valjean had cared for who fell in love with the immature adult male named Marius. However. Marius had become involved in a series of anti-government public violences. which puts her relationship with Cosette in a really awkward place.

Jean Valjean decides to assist Marius acquire back to Cosette. and this vocal was his supplication ( Guy and Llewelyn-Jones. ) . The outstanding subject in the vocal is the yearning for the safety of another person. It was. in a sense. happening felicity in the felicity of another. and the vocalist. Valjean. indicated that he wanted the immature male child named Maruis to be able to be brought place safely. back to the weaponries of Cosette. Valjean sings to the Lord. appealing to Him. and seeking to ground to Him. that Marius deserved to be able to travel place.

He sings: “He is immature. he’s afraid. allow him rest. heaven blessed. Bring him place. Bring him place. Bring him home” ( NIEHS. n. d. ) . Valjean goes on to sing that if he had a boy. it would hold been Marius. and despite the anti-government public violences Marius had participated on. Valjean believes that he is a good adult male and he deserves to be able to hold a shooting at life for he is really immature. In fact. Valjean even sings that: “You can take. you can give. allow him be let him populate. If I die. allow me decease.

Let him go forth. convey him home” ( NIEHS. n. d. ) . If one is to read this carefully. it would intend that Valjean’s vocal is stating that. it does non count if he dies. every bit long as God spares this immature adult male who is in love with Cosette and brings him place. Mentions NIEHS. ( n. d. ) . Bring Him Home. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //kids. niehs. National Institutes of Health. gov/lyrics/bringhom. htm. Guy. A. & A ; Llewelyn-Jones. I. ( 2004 ) . A student’s usher to GCSE music: For the WJEC specification. London: Rhinegold Publication Ltd.

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