American History Chapter 10

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Who made up the first cabinet? Was the cabinet included in the Constitution?
Appointed by George Washington: Thomas Jefferson – secretary of state Alexander Hamilton – secretary of treasury Henry Knox – secretary of war, not included in the Constitution
Why did European monarchs fear the example set by the United States?
The monarchs were afraid the thought of having a seemingly completely free democracy would spread, taking away the little control they had; they also didn’t want another revolution
Why was the Bill of Rights established?
To protect individual liberties against the potential tyranny of a strong central government
What amendment is the states’ rights amendment?
What were the major parts of Alexander Hamilton’s economic program?
the creation of a national bank, funding the entire national debt at \”par\”(gov. Will pay creditors back with interest),vigorous foreign trade, protective tariffs
Why did Hamilton believe that the national debt was acceptable?
because people to whom the
government owed money would work hard to make the nation a success
Which aspect of Hamilton’s program received the least support?
Protective Tariff
What is the elastic clause? How did Hamilton use it?
A loose interpretation of the Constitution, the federal government has more power than listed in the Constitution, to create the National Bank (necessary and proper)
What was the Whiskey Rebellion? Significance? How did it compare to Shay’s Rebellion?
A rebellion of fed up farmers that rebelled against the tax on whiskey, they felt like they had been singled out by taxes- showed how strong the gov. Is and that they will enforce laws
What was Jefferson’s ideal American citizen?
An independent yeoman farmer
What happened as a result of the disagreements between Hamilton and Jefferson?
A bitter rivalry between political parties formed
As the French Revolution developed in Europe, what was Washington’s policy towards the France-American alliance?
He didn’t want any alliances that would lead them into war
What was the Neutrality Proclamation of 1793?
Proclaimed the neutrality of America in the widening French Revolution
What actions did Britain take in the American West that threatened the US?
Led Indians in the Battle of Fallen Timber and made the Treaty of Greenville signed by the Indians giving them much of the Ohio Valley
What were the terms of Jay’s Treaty? Response in America?
-US would have to pay off debt to England from pre-revolution days -the British would leave the American frontier posts -war was avoided, very harsh- many hated it and thought southern farmers would end up paying
How did the United States receive access to the Mississippi River?
The Pinckney Treaty
What was significant about Washington’s Farewell Address?
Avoidance of permanent alliances, favoring temporary alliances for extraordinary emergencies
What precedents did Washington set during his presidency?
A 2 term tradition for American presidents, central gov established
Who were the candidates in the election of 1796? Who won?
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson- John Adams
What events led the United States and France into undeclared naval war in the late 1790s?
What was the XYZ affair? American response?
Adams sent 3 representatives to France to try to work out an agreement, approached by agents wanting a loan and a bribe to just talk to Talleyrand, refused and went home. Americans were happy they made the right choice for America
Why did Napoleon work out a peace agreement with America?
He had a lot going on in France (trying to take over Europe) and didn’t need a war to deal with too
Why did Adams do his best to avoid war with France?
He knew a war would hurt the little strength of the new nation
What were the Alien and Sedition Acts? How were they received by the Jeffersonians?
A- to deport dangerous foreigners in times of peace and to deport/imprision them in times of hostility
S- provided that anyone went against the policies of gov would be fined heavily and imprisoned, they did not like it
What were the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions? Authors? Why did they set a dangerous precedent?
Explain the major differences between the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans?

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