American History Chapter 1-5

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When you have adult baptism and voluntary membership
Halfway Covenant
Is when you don’t have to confess all of your sins to the church but can still be kind of a member
Society of Friends (Quakers)
Anyone who wanted to could preach and they broke social conventions
King Phillips War
Metacom gathered Native Americans to invade neighboring New England tribes to fight and had a consequence of enslaved native americans
Bacon’s Rebellion
In Virginia freemen wanted land and began burning down Jamestown because they wanted their land the were promised,lead to African american slavery
Middle Passage
The stage of triangular trade which millions of people in Africans were shipped to the new world as part of the Atlantic slave trade
Black Codes
Regulation of slaves lives
laws aganist freeing slaves
Where against slavery and some early abolitionist were the Quakers
William Penn
Was a Quaker was the founder of Pennsylvania and welcomed Quakers and other religious minorities very tolrate and diverse colon
Dominion of New England
Reorganization to do away with representative government
Glorious Revoultion
It limited the kings power by establishing parliamentary control of taxation supremacy of law and autonomy of the courts
Witchcraft Hysteria
Started burning witches in Salem Massachusetts
The Enlightenment
Means the Age of reason.
Issac Newton
Great World Machine and said that humans decided their fate
John Locke
Knowledge is gained by experience, rights of life liberty and property, purpose of government is to protect rights, right to rebel and form a new government
The Great Awakening
Religious Revival
Jonathan Edwards
was a minister preached a series of sermons on salvation \”More emotional preaching\”
George Whitefield
Erased denomination lines
James Ogelthrope
Founded Georgia and decided to purchase land from native americans
The Stono Uprising
In South Carolina where slaves started killng their masters and started setting fires to fields and homes and made harsher slves codes come up
Seven Years’ War
Between 1756-1763 between Britain and France also known as the french and Indian war
Proclamation of 1763
No settlement of west of the Appalachian mountains
For converting native ameicans
St Augatine
oldest city in the us
Spanish Armada of 1588
It made Spain less of a threat
Enclosure Movement
Less access land
Joint-stock companies
The Virginia company to explore trade routes and and establish new markets
The first permanent English colony in virgina
John Smith
Came up with the dont work dont eat policy
Powhatan Confederacy
stood in the way of the settlement would not work for the english
Headright system
That if you didnt have the money to come to jamestown you could work for 7 years then get 50 acres of land
Indentured servant
wok for 7 years until debt is paid
Intolerant of compromise
called pilgrims started congrnegations
The first colony is Massachusetts
abandoned all hope church could be reformed
Mayflower Ccompact
Social contract in which they agreed to form a government and obey its laws
Great Migration
puritans leaving england
John Winthop
Started the Massachusetts bay colony…said to be \”city upon a hill\”
Pequot War
war where English attacked native amrican tribe while they were sleeping and killed hundreds
Roger Williams
Created Rhode Island also had religious toleration and separation of church and state
Lord Baltimore
Founded Maryland also known as George Calvert
Navigation Acts
Colonies export to England and colonies import to england
Triangular Trade
The connection of North America,Africa,a and Europe
Charles ll
gave land to loyal supports to form carolina
Supplies Britain with raw materials and agriculture strict regulation of trade no direct tax
George Grenvile
was a minister appointed by George the 3rd came up with sugar act
Sugar Act
You could only trade with Britan
Stamp Act
required individuals to purchase stamps for officials documents and published papers
Patrick Henery
Introduced fourteen resolves aganist the stamp act said give me liberty or give me death
Stamp Act Congress
Nine colonies traveled to new york to send petitions to Parliament
Sons of Liberty
The men who led riots
Declaratory Act
parliaments right to tax the colonies
Townshend Acts
Placed duties on tea glass paper lead and paint also allowed officials to search houses and businesses
Boston Massacre
redcoats killed five towns people
Tea Act and Tea Party
when they dumped all the tea in the harbor and
Coercive Act
parliaments closed the port of boston until residents paid for the destroyed tea altered the provincial charter to limit power of town meetings and create a crown appointed instead of elected
1st Continental Congress
in Philadelphia on September 1st 1774 a meeting was helped to try to repeal of the coercive acts
Paul revere
went to alert the colonies of the mlitia
helped paul revere
Lexington and concord
where the shot heard around the world was and the state of the war exsist
2nd continental congress
may 10, 1775 to discuss parliaments refusal to change and executing a war
George Washington
commander of the Continental army
Bunker Hill
is where they went to breeds hill and fought the British lost most of their soldiers.
American soldiers
British soldiers
Thomas Paine
wrote the pamphlet common sense
Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson was a main author of this and stated the separation from the government of George the 3rd
Articles of Confederation
A plan for permanent union which it approved and sent to states for ratification
Washington attacked on December 25th
October 17 had Burgoyne fifty eight hundred man army surrender
French Alliance
French support for american alliance
Charles Cornwallis
surrenders in the siege of yorktown
Treaty of Paris
independence of the untied states
Ferdinand Magellan
First circumnavigation
Treaty of Tordesillas
divided lands between spain and portugal
John Calvin
Martin Luther
Justification by faith

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