American History 1: The Story of US – Revolution (Episode 2)

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Capital; 8
Today, New York is the financial _____ of the world, with a population of _____ million.
In 1776, New York has a population of _____.
TRUE OR FALSE: The British Invasion of America is the biggest in U.S. history.
100s; 64; 24; sound
Each British ship carries _____ of soldiers, _____ heavy cannons that fire a _____ lb. cannonball at the speed of _____ over a mile away.
TRUE OR FALSE: In today’s money these ships cost as much as a modern aircraft carrier.
_____ more ships are heading to the colonies.
Continental Congress
Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams are all participating in the _____ debating on total independence from England.
Declare Independence
July 4, 1776 is when the colonists _____ from England.
The British invasion is the biggest attack on New York until _____, 2001.
September 17, 1776 New York is under _____.
British soldiers have _____ times more experience than the patriots.
New York
By Sept. 20 _____ is in British hands.
3,000; New York
More than _____ Patriot POW’s are held on prison ships in _____ harbor.
Hell; 9; 10
The HMS Jersey is nicknamed \”_____\” because _____ out of _____ prisoners die.
12,000; 3
_____ Patriot POW’s die on prison ships, _____ times more than are killed in battle.
The loss of New York is Washington’s _____ defeat.
The American _____ is difficult for the British to navigate.
Battlefields; playing by the rules
British soldiers were trained to fight in open _____, the Patriots were using new tactics and were not \”_____.\”
1 mile
Because of the dense wilderness, the British only advance _____ a day.
Land; long rifles
Sharpshooters have an advantage; they know the _____ and have American _____.
Grooves inside the barrel make shots more _____.
TRUE OR FALSE: No Native Americans join the British to fight the Patriots.
Native Americans; officers
Ingeniously, The Patriots begin killing off _____ scouts and British _____.
Without leadership the British lose _____ as many soldiers as the Patriots.
France joins the war against the British, now the British have to fight a war on _____ fronts.
The Continental Congress doesn’t send any help to _____ and his troops at Valley Forge.
20%; 2,000
At Valley Forge, _____ of troops have no shoes and _____ are sick within weeks.
Convicts; Immigrants; Freed Slaves
The rebel army is a melting pot, made up of _____, _____, and _____.
4; 10
Small Pox is a virus that is spreading through Valley Forge, _____ in _____ of its victims die.
TRUE OR FALSE: Inoculation is when small pox is introduced into a healthy body, so the body builds up antibodies to fight the virus.
Washington’s troops begin training with bayonets, which are _____ placed on the end of rifles.
TRUE OR FALSE: In 1781, Patriot spies used invisible ink.
In England, the American Revolution isn’t popular because it is _____.
The rebels have beaten the British; the U.S. is the only country to win _____ from England through war.
25,000; country
_____ have died for independence from Britain and a new _____ is born.

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